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Chapter Twenty-One
What Happened to Harry and Ginny?

Harry returned to consciousness with a groan.  His head felt like someone had taken one of Uncle Vernon's drills to his temple.  Slowly and cautiously opening his eyes, he noticed he was in a dingy concrete cell, with only a little light trickling through a barred window high up in the wall.  Turning his head to the right, he saw the barred door of his little prison and groaned.  He closed his eyes in the vain hope that this was all a dream, a nightmare even, when he felt soft hands running over his brow.  At the touch his eyes flew open, and he looked up into the sad brown eyes hovering above him.

“ Gin, where are we?”

“ I don't know, Harry.  I woke up a few minutes ago, and all I can determine is that we are in a cell, and it seems to be protected against the use of magic.”

“ WHAT!?”

“ Calm down, you have a nasty bump on your head.  You don't want to make it worse.  I tried to do magic to light the room up a bit, but it didn't work.  I also can't change into my animagus form or apparate.  They must have blocked us from using magic.”

“ This isn't good.  What was the last thing you remember?”

“ Driving off the Dementors in Paris.  You?”

“ The same.  The question is, how did we get here?”

“ I don't know, but wherever here is, I don't like it.”

“ Neither do I.”

The pair lapsed into silence, each lost in their own thoughts.  Harry was frantically trying to think of a way out.  It was obvious they couldn't escape by magical means.  Harry had read about anti-magic fields before, and knew they could only be lifted by the caster.  That left Muggle methods, which didn't look too promising.  Looking around, he could see the walls were solid and they couldn't get through the bars.  It suddenly occurred to him that his weapons had gone missing.  His heart sank when he thought back to his elven friends who had given them to him.  He felt a pang of loss as he thought about everyone he knew, and who would be worried about him.  The elves would be missing their human friend, Minh and Eustace would be missing their brother, Dumbledore and the Order would be missing their leader, and Ron and Hermione would be missing their best friend.  He was dragged from his thoughts as Ginny let out a gasp of horror.  Looking over to her, he could see she was having a vision.  He went and sat next to her until her eyes cleared and she let out a light sob.

“ What happened?”

“ Harry, it was terrible!  Ron and Hermione have been captured.  They are going to be taken to an evil place of pain and suffering.  There were soldiers and guards, they tattooed numbers into their arms.  They were made to work hard and relentlessly.  There are barbed wire fences all around, and a furnace…”

Ginny completely broke down.  Harry pulled her into his lap and held her tight, knowing how terrible visions could be, having experienced enough from Voldemort.  As he thought over what Ginny had said about Ron and Hermione's situation, he realised with dawning horror where they were going to be sent.  The worst thing was, he knew it was going to happen, but he couldn't do anything about it.  


Later that day, Ginny and Harry were pulled from a light doze by the lock on the door being sprung.  Sitting up, they saw the door swing open and a tall man in fine silk robes enter their cell.  He gave them a look of contempt before addressing the captives.

“ Well, well, it seems I finally have you in my grasp.  You, boy, have been especially irritating.  In October you fought me and lived, making me lose the battle.  I was not pleased about that.  I believe you are also the one who rendered my right hand man, Tiberius Malfoy, completely useless.  Fortunately, however, he was easily replaced by a more…enthusiastic apprentice.  As for the last battle, I was most disappointed in the cowardice of my Dementors.  From what I have seen, though, you and your friends are very powerful, even more so when you are working together.  It is for this reason that I have split you up.  I felt death was too good for those who defied me to such an extent.  Your friends have been gifted to my comrade Hitler, and have been sent to Grossrosen camp, where they will hopefully learn not to cross me.  As for you, I felt it would be best to deal with you personally.  There is no point trying to escape, either.  I have set up anti-magic fields around most of this complex, so you will be quite helpless.  It also means my followers and I will have to use Muggle means to punish you, but I think in some ways that may be better.  I have discovered that the Unforgivables have no effect on you, although I cannot understand how that is possible…”

“ Well, don't expect us to tell you, Grindelwald, because you will be disappointed,” Harry said.

“  I think not.  Anyway, it wouldn't be any fun if you told me right away.”

“ Where are we, anyway?  Do you really think Dumbledore won't find us?”

“ My dear boy, no-one will be finding any of you.  Your friends have been shipped off to Poland, and you two are in my headquarters in Czechoslovakia.  Tábor, to be precise, a bit south of Prague.  Who would ever think to look for you here?”

“ They'll find a way, I know they will.”

“ As long as you wish to delude yourself, I will not contradict you.  But be warned.  Keeping that little bit of hope alive will do you more harm than good when I eventually decide to let you die.”

With that, the Dark Lord turned on his heels and strode out of the room, shutting and locking the door behind him.

“ Now what do we do?” Ginny asked.

“ The only thing we can do.  Wait.  It's obvious we can't get out on our own, and no one has any idea where to look for us.  We'll think of something, don't worry.  At least now we know for certain what happened to Ron and `Mione, and we know where we are.  I have an idea about how we can some reconnaissance, though.”

“ How?”

“ Watch.”

Harry lifted up his sleeves and revealed his wrists.

*Simbi?  Nirah?  I have a job for you*

*What do you want us to do?*

*We've been captured by Grindelwald.  Firstly I want to know if you can telepathically reach `Tea from here*

*Where is here?*


*We won't be able to establish a connection over such a distance.  If she was alive, it would be possible, but as a ghost she is too insubstantial to connect with properly.  Within Hogwarts it is possible, as she is near by, but not over several countries*

*All right, it was worth a try.  If I lift you through the bars in the door, could you go and have a look around?  We need to know what's going on out there, in order to plan our escape.*

*Very well, we will return as soon as we know something*


It wasn't until the next morning that Simbi and Nirah returned to the small cell.  Harry had been asleep, curled around Ginny to preserve body heat, when Simbi's tongue started to tickle his ear.  Sitting up abruptly, he looked down at the two snakes on the floor in front of him.

*That wasn't very friendly*

*Sorry, Harry*

*Do you have anything to tell me?*

*We didn't find much.  The anti-magic spells fill all of the cells and the corridors connecting them.  Most of the rooms are magic free zones.  The only places unaffected are the kitchens and Grindelwald's throne room*

*He has a throne room?* Harry asked, incredulous.

*He believes himself to be a lord over others, and therefore thinks he deserves a throne*

*Wow, how egotistical can you get?*


*That was rhetorical, Nirah*


*What else did you discover*

*The throne room has an apparition point, marked on the ground with a mosaic of an ouroboros.  The whole building is also post proof.  No owls or other birds can find anyone imprisoned within the walls*

*That rules out Dumbledore using Fawkes to track us down.  Although he might be able to do it for Hermione and Ron…*

*I doubt it.  From what I can tell, it is standard for all such places, including the camps such as the one your friends are in*

*Thanks for your help.  I don't know what I can do with the information, but it might come in useful later*

Just as the snakes were wrapping themselves around Harry's wrists, the door was flung open, rousing Ginny from her sleep.

“ Well, I see you're both awake.  I have come to the decision that you will be of more use to me alive than dead.  You are both very powerful, and I will break you.  Join me now, and I will save you the pain.”

“ We will never join you, Grindelwald.”

“ Are you sure, Mr. Evans?  I have seen you use powerful Dark Magic, you are one of us at heart.”

“ I may be a Dark wizard, but I'm not evil.  I will never surrender to you, no matter what you do to me.”

“ We'll see about that,” the Dark Lord said, giving Harry a vicious kick to the ribs.

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