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Chapter Twenty-Six
The Rescue

The entire Order just stared at the new arrivals after Gallatea's announcement.  The four shifted uncomfortably under the stares until Gallatea took the initiative and explained.

“ They're in Poland, in the Nazi labour camp of Grossrosen.  They're both alive and fairly unharmed, except for the malnutrition.  They haven't been able to escape, as the place is covered with anti-magic wards.  They can't use any form of magic, not even animagus.  There's also a ward up preventing owls and the like from finding them.  Although they haven't seen much of each other, as they've been separated, as far as Hermione knows Ron's fine.  He's even found a talent for carpentry…”

Looking at the gathered adults, Gallatea blushed a little at the incredulous stares she was receiving. She quickly finished her report before she lost her nerve.

“ Hermione doesn't know where Harry and Ginny are, and I couldn't get in contact with them.  Sorry, that's all I could find out; I hope it will help…”

Out of the gawping spectators, Dumbledore was the first to recover.  After a moment of considering the information, he asked the question foremost on the minds of most present.

“ Lady Ravenclaw, how did you come across this information?”

“ Everyone in my family is telepathic.  If I was alive, I would have been able to penetrate any wards, but as I'm ghost I couldn't reach Harry and Ginny.  The wards protecting the other two were weaker, so I was able to speak with Hermione.”

“ Are you sure of their location?  We can't go in if you're in any doubt.”

“ That's where Hermione said they were.  I don't doubt her.”

Dumbledore smiled widely at the ghost and turned to address the rest of the Order, who were slowly recovering from the shock of two eleven year olds and two ghosts finding out something their combined efforts couldn't.

“ Now that we have a lead, we can start planning an invasion of the camp.  I suggest we take at least three days to come up with a strategy.”

“ I agree, Albus,” Daedalus added, “ I think it's going to be a delicate operation.  From what I know about these places, they're full of Muggle and magical prisoners, but the guards are all German soldiers, and all Muggles.  We can't just go in there firing spells.  The Muggle prisoner's won't know what's going on.  We can free them all, but we can't go around throwing spells at the guards, otherwise we'll be just as bad as Grindelwald and his followers.  We also have this anti-magic field to consider.  We have to fell it from the outside before we can even go in there, otherwise we'll be defenceless against the guns.”

“ I agree, Daedalus.  We'll have to split into teams.  Minerva, Janus and Julianne, I want you to go over everything you know about the way Grindelwald operates and look for a weakness.  Alastor, Rubeus, Peter, Filius and Gaius, I need you to go the library and research wards and anti-magic fields.  Alice, we will need some more healing potions.  Daedalus, Mundungus, Cedric and Arabella, ready the castle for refugees.  We have plenty of space, but they will have to be made ready for Muggles.  Floribunda, prepare the hospital wing for casualties.  Virginia, William, Amelia and John, we need to come up with a good strategy.  The rest of you need to get ready for battle and see what you can find out about Grossrosen.  That leaves Lolide and Gaerwyn.  Could you two please see if there is any elven way of helping in this situation?  Lolide, I will also need you to help in the hospital wing.”

“ As you ask, Albus,” Gaerwyn told the headmaster, who smiled at the elves.

Although Gaerwyn and Lolide had intended to only help the Order in battles and spend the rest of the time in the elven world, after Harry and his friends went missing they moved into Domus Corvus Corax so they could help as much as possible.  Harry was like a member of their family, and they were all very fond of him.  They wanted to do anything they could to get him back.  As everyone moved to get on with their allotted tasks, they went over to speak to Minh and her friends.


Hermione was starting to get worried.  It had been four days since she had spoken with Gallatea, and there was still no sign of a rescue.  She was starting to lose hope of the Order ever coming to get her and Ron.  She had managed to speak to her redheaded boyfriend the day before, and he had been amazed and ecstatic to find out that the Order knew where they were.  As the days passed and there was still no sign of an end to the hell they were living in, their hope was waning.  

As Hermione was heading back to her sleeping quarters with the rest of her group, she suddenly heard shouts coming from near the main gate.  Looking over, she could see dozens of SS running over to secure the perimeter as different coloured flashes of light could be seen lighting up the sky.  Spells, Hermione thought.   A sudden shockwave knocked the girl to her feet, and as she looked up at the sky she saw a glimmering navy blue dome covering the entire camp.  Before her eyes, bright yellow lines started to zigzag across the surface, before the entire construction shattered in a burst of magic, sending out a shockwave bigger than the first.  As soon as the remnants of the dome disappeared, Hermione could feel power filling her.  With a wave of her hand, a small ball of light lit up the area around her.  Grinning, she started to run towards the part of the camp she knew Ron to inhabit.


Ron had already been lying on his sleeping pallet when the shock of the shattering dome hit him full force.  Leaping to his feet, he was the only one in his hut to go investigating.  The Muggles were all huddling in the far corner, trying to hide from what was happening.  Waving his hand, Ron was relieved when a shower of sparks appeared in the air.  Casting a quick translation spell on himself to shouted to the Muggles.

“ Everyone, we're being rescued.  Stay here, I'll bring help.”

Just before he ran out of the hut, he caught sight of the astonished stares of his fellow prisoners, who were shocked to hear him speaking German.  Grinning, he headed towards where he knew he would find Hermione.


Hermione and Ron managed to meet up at the dining hut, and embraced in relief.

“ I can't believe we're getting out of here, Ron.”

“ I know, `Mione.  I think we've been here long enough.”

Just at that moment, they heard another bang as more wards fell.  Seconds later, Order members started to apparate in all over the place, with the Hogwarts headmaster appearing right in front of the two students.  Smiling down at them, he started hurling curses at a group of approaching soldiers.  Hermione and Ron clung to each other for a moment before standing up and waving their hands madly, dispatching of the group fairly quickly.  Once any nearby threat was eliminated, Dumbledore turned to them and smiled, his eyes twinkling madly.

“ It's nice to see you again, Hermione and Ron.  We thought we'd lost you.  Do you feel strong enough to help us fight?”

Both teenagers nodded enthusiastically.

“ Good, then you'll be needing these,” Dumbledore said, holding out his hand with two wands resting in his palm.

“ Thank you, Professor,” Ron replied, taking his wand and moving to start some serious cursing.

Hermione and Ron parted ways with Dumbledore and headed for somewhere they had been meaning to go for ages.  The camp laboratories.


Yanika was frightened when the sounds of shouting had started outside.  She had been through hell recently, ever since she had tried to curse the guard wanting to rape her.  She had been dragged away to the labs, where the `doctors' had taken great pleasure in doing experiments on her.  That fact that she had given away that she was magical meant she was treated worse than the other human guinea pigs, as she was considered less than human.  She had been eagerly awaiting the day when she went to sleep and didn't wake up.  But things never turned out the way she wanted them to.  Now she was worried because something was obviously going on outside, but she couldn't find out what.

A little while later, her thoughts were interrupted by a banging on her door and the sound of the lock opening.  When the door swung open, she was faced with the last people she expected to see.

“ Ron?  Hermione?”

“ Yanika, you're alive!”

“ Yes, I am, Hermione.  What's going on? What are you doing here?”

“ We're being rescued.  The Order I was telling you about has found us, and is liberating all the prisoners.  We wanted to come and get you ourselves.  Are you ready for some revenge?”

The gypsy just nodded her head enthusiastically.  The two students smiled at her, before Hermione threw the woman her wand.


Overall, the battle didn't last that long.  Within half an hour it was over and everyone was heading back to the Order headquarters.  Dumbledore was organising everyone into groups, the soldiers being taken to the dungeon cells, the survivors being taken to bedrooms in Corvus Corax, and the injured being transported to the infirmary, where Floribunda Sprout and Lolide were waiting.  Floribunda's young daughter, also very gifted with plants, was there too to help out.  Yanika, Ron and Hermione all met up in the ball room, sitting at the table and thinking over the last hour.  Their worlds had been completely changed for the better and they intended to make to most of it.  After a while of quiet conversation, they went up to their allocated rooms and showered, before destroying their striped uniforms and dressing in colourful robes of a luxurious material they found in the wardrobes.

Once everyone had been taken care of, Dumbledore called a meeting in the ball room.  Hermione asked Yanika to come, as she had expressed an interest in joining the Order.  Once everyone was gathered, Dumbledore stood up, Fawkes sitting on his shoulder.

“ Well done everyone.  I would say the day was a success.  We didn't kill a single opponent, we rescued all of the prisoners, and we didn't lose any of our members.  We also retrieved Ron and Hermione, something we have been trying to do for two months.  Now, we need to…”

The headmaster suddenly trailed off mid sentence and fell silent.  The people sitting around the table gave him concerned looks as his eyes became unfocussed.  They were completely baffled when his eyes became alert once again and a smile spread across his face.  What surprised them the most was the single word that passed the headmaster's lips by way of an explanation.

“ Harry.”

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