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01/09/1943AD  Arrive in the Great Hall, meet Dumbledore, who read Gallatea's book about them.  Sorting: Harry - Hufflepuff, Ron - Gryffindor, Hermione - Ravenclaw, Ginny - Slytherin.  Meet Minh, Robert, Sybil, Eustace, Flitwick, Caligula and Satanus.
02/09/1943AD  Trip to Diagon Alley.  Told about Grindelwald's alliance with Hitler.  Go to Harry and Ron's Gringott's vault.  Harry tells the others he is a Dark wizard.  
03/09/1943AD  Research Ravenclaw, plan a prank with Eustace, Robert and Persephone.  First prank in that time.
04/09/1943AD  First day of lessons.  Have trouble using their wands for everything.
28/09/1943AD  Find out Harry is his own ancestor.  `Tea's ghost is released from the stone.
14/10/1943AD  Minh asks Harry to go to Falaryth with her.
21/10/1943AD  Minh and Harry got to Falaryth.
28/10/1943AD  Quidditch tryouts.
31/10/1943AD  Attack on Hogwarts.  Dumbledore sees Harry using the Dark Arts.  Persephone is killed.  Dumbledore becomes headmaster.
02/11/1943AD  Memorial service.  Harry and Dumbledore discuss his use of the Dark Arts.
05/11/1943AD  Persephone's funeral.  Statue of her placed in the Gryffindor Room.
16/11/1943AD  Minh joins the Marauders.
07/12/1943AD  Dumbledore asks the time travellers to teach Minerva McGonagall the animagus transformation.
19/12/1943AD  First quidditch match of the year - Hufflepuff Vs Gryffindor.
20/12/1943AD  Time travellers and Minh are invited to spend Christmas with the Potters.
21/12/1943AD  Christmas holidays start.  Meet the Potters.
25/12/1943AD  Christmas day - air raid.  Potters killed.  Meet the Logans.
26/12/1943AD  Harry tells Eustace he lost his parents, girlfriend and son.
07/01/1944AD  Grindelwald's followers attack London.  Tiberius Malfoy bitten by Nirah.
10/01/1944AD  Floo network back online.
11/01/1944AD  First go to Domus Corvus Corax.  Return to Hogwarts.
27/01/1944AD  Agnes and Charles Potter's funeral.
01/02/1944AD  Start lessons with Dumbledore.
02/02/1944AD  The time travellers learn to apparate.
03/02/1944AD  Minh and Eustace meet Gallatea.
24/02/1944AD  Ron finds a way to free Gallatea's spirit.
25/02/1944AD  Gallatea's spirit is freed.  Dumbledore finds out about her.  She becomes the Ravenclaw ghost.  Harry proposes a resistance force.
01/03/1944AD  Slytherin Vs Hufflepuff quidditch match.
02/03/1944AD  First Order of the Phoenix meeting.
09/03/1944AD  Gaerwyn and Lolide visit and join the Order,.
11/03/1944AD  Order meeting.
30/03/1944AD  Attack on Paris.  Time travellers captured.
31/03/1944AD  Ron and Hermione sent to Grossrosen camp.  Harry and Ginny wake up in Grindelwald's headquarters.  Harry is tortured.
01/04/1944AD  Tasks allocated at the camp.
18/04/1944AD  Yanika taken to the laboratories to be studied.
12/05/1944AD  Furnace breaks - dig a mass grave.  Ron and Hermione meet and kiss.
19/05/1944AD  Ginny kisses Harry.  He tells her he needs time.
20/05/1944AD  Harry and Ginny separated.
29/05/1944AD  Gallatea telepathically contacts Hermione.  Harry discovers he can use elven healing magic.
30/05/1944AD  Ginny sees Ron and Hermione's rescue in a vision.  Harry's telepathy awakens.
02/06/1944AD  Ron and Hermione are rescued.  Harry telepathically contacts Dumbledore.
05/06/1944AD  Harry and Ginny are rescued.  Grindelwald is killed.  Tom Riddle receives the Dark Mark from Harry.
06/06/1944AD  D-Day landings.  The time travellers return to Hogwarts.
12/06/1944AD  OWLs start.
26/06/1944AD  OWLs end.
30/06/1944AD  Decide where the time travellers and Eustace will spend the holidays.
03/07/1944AD  Leaving feast - Sybil Trelawney makes the Ouroboros prophecy.
04/07/1944AD  End of term.
18/07/1944AD  Trip to Diagon Alley.  Harry gets his raven and ouroboros tattoo, and gets a separate vault for his money.
31/07/1944AD  Harry's 17th birthday.
04/08/1944AD  Elves return to Falaryth.  The time travellers and Eustace go with them.
06/08/1944AD  Humans return to the wizarding world.  Harry makes Dumbledore leader of the Order, gives him a vault key, and gives him custody of Fawkes.
17/08/1944AD  Time travellers go to stay with the Logans.
23/08/1944AD  Presentation of the Order of Merlin awards.
31/08/1944AD  OWL results.  Harry gives Eustace a vault key and his invisibility cloak, as well as telling him his name is Harry Potter.
01/09/1944AD  The four leave for the next time.

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