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Chapter Twenty-Seven
Telepathic?  Moi?


Ginny blinked a few times and shook her head, trying to figure out what was going on.  It seemed inconceivable that she had really heard Harry's voice in her head.  He would have to be a telepath…

Ginny's eyes widened in realisation.  She quickly tried to send a message back while the mental connection was still active.

~Harry, can you hear me?~

~Ginny?  What the…~

~Harry, it's me.  You've opened a telepathic link~

~I did?  Huh?~

~Harry!  Focus a minute.  I heard you calling my name~

~But I was just thinking that, I swear!  How is this possible?~

~Harry, you're a Ravenclaw.  `Tea told us their line had telepathic abilities.  I mean, she does, and her mother did, and you're descended from her, so…~

~Wow, it never occurred to me.  This is weird.  How am I doing this?  And why now?~

~Something must have set it off…~

~I felt a pain in my head before, maybe that had something to do with it~

~A pain?  I just felt a tingling.  Maybe it was `Tea trying to get in touch~

~Might have been.  That could be what set it off.  How are you, anyway?  I felt like something was wrong with you, which was why I was thinking your name~

~I had a vision.  Ron and Hermione are going to be rescued~

~That's great.  I wonder how the Order found them~

~Maybe it was `Tea.  If it was her trying to talk to us, maybe she got through to one of the others~

~It's possible~

~Harry, do you think you could get through to anyone at Hogwarts or Corvus?~

~I can try.  Give me a minute~

In his cell, Harry closed his eyes and started to concentrate.  He didn't get very far, as stray thoughts kept intruding on his meditation.  The very idea of him having any kind of telepathic abilities had never occurred to him.  While he was trying to concentrate, he started thinking about it more and more.  When he thought about it logically, it made a lot of sense.  He had never heard about a telepathic Potter, but assumed it was because no-one had told the Potter line after a while that they had the ability.  It took only one skipped generation for the knowledge to be lost.  After all, if you didn't know you could do it, you'd never think to try it.  After a few minutes, he managed to get his whirling thoughts under control enough to concentrate.  He could feel the minds of people all around him, which he assumed were his captors.  He could sense Ginny's mind more clearly and simply assumed it was because he was emotionally close to her.  After a few minutes, he realised two other minds were present, different from the others.

~Simbi?  Nirah?~

*Harry?  Is that you?*

~Yes it is.  I just discovered I'm a telepath~

*Wow, that could be useful*

~Yes, you can talk to me from great distances now.~


Harry went back to checking out his abilities.  He felt as if he could do much more if he only took some time to practice.  Deciding he wanted to speak to Ginny again, he concentrated on her mind and tried to send a message.


~Harry!  How did it go?~

~Well, I spoke to Simbi and Nirah, and I can sense minds, but that's it so far.  I'll keep practicing, though.  Hopefully I might be able to reach help sometime soon~

~Well, keep at it.  I think at the moment it's our only way out of here~

~Agreed.  I'll talk to you later.  If you need me, just try and think at me.  I think that should get my attention so I can establish a link~

~Alright Harry.  Have fun~

~It's got to be better than staring at the walls~





Despite his efforts, it took Harry quite a while to get the hang of his telepathy.  The first thing he learned after communicating was counting how many people were in the area.  He found one of his abilities was sensing people's minds and magical signatures.  From his cell, he could identify everyone in Grindelwald's stronghold.  By the end of the third day, he felt fairly confident about contacting someone quite a distance away.  It wasn't so much the distance that had been causing the trouble, rather the wards around the building.  Before he tried something so mentally straining, though, he spoke with Ginny.

~Gin, what am I telling Dumbledore?~

~Just tell him where we are, what sort of wards are up, and how many people are usually around.  Oh, and find out if Ron and `Mione are alright.  My vision should have happened by now, so with any luck they should be home~

~Alright, I'll let you know what happens~

Harry closed his eyes in concentration and slowed his breathing.  After a few minutes, he was relaxed and focused, and felt he was ready to try speaking to the temporary head of the Order.  Stretching out his senses, he could feel everyone in the building, but then he came up against a shimmering navy blue wall.  Like he could sense magical signatures, he could also sense magic if he tried hard enough.  Realising this was the shield, he carefully started worming his power through the strands of magic holding the barrier in place.  It took quite a while, and a lot of effort.  Once he was through, though, he felt a whole new world outside.  People's minds were everywhere, as well as those of animals.  He was overwhelmed at first, but knew he had to push on before he lost his nerve.  Stretching his mind out further, he went searching for the one mind that could help him escape.  As soon as he located it, he realised Dumbledore was in an Order meeting.  All the better, he thought, as he established a connection.


Dumbledore was giving his speech after the battle and rescue when he suddenly felt a strange presence in his mind.  His words trailing off, he concentrated on the intrusion and tried to figure out where it was coming from.  He was most surprised when he heard a familiar voice speaking to him.

~Professor Dumbledore?  Can you hear me?~

~Harry?  Is that you?~

~Yes it is Professor~

~How is this possible?~

~I'm telepathic.  I get it from my father's side of the family.  Just ask `Tea about it~

~I will do.  Could you tell me where you are?~

~Czechoslovakia, in Grindelwald's headquarters~

~Can you be any more specific?~

~Near a place called Tábor, south of Prague.  It's a big fortress, you can't miss it~

~Can you tell me anything else?~

~There are twelve prisoners apart from Ginny and me, and there are usually about thirty of Grindelwald's followers, as well as the man himself.  If you just hold on, I'll send you a mental picture of the layout.  Try and remember it~

Moments later, Dumbledore was bombarded with images of the compound.  He couldn't understand how Harry had gained this information, but he didn't ask.  When the images and layout were firmly implanted in his mind, Harry started talking to him again.

~I sent my snakes to do a little reconnaissance, which is how I know the layout.  Will you come and get us?~

~I will, Harry.  However, the Order is going to need a few days to prepare.  We can't just up and storm Grindelwald's stronghold.  Can you wait until the fifth of June?~

~What is the date today?~

~The second~

~That should be fine.  After all, if Ginny and I can stay here two months, I'm sure we can last three more days~

~Very good, Harry.  I'll have to speak to the Order now.  I was giving a speech after a battle when you called.  They're looking at me as if I've gone mad~

~Sorry, sir.  How did the rescue go?  Did you get Ron and Hermione out alright?~

~They're fine, and we didn't lose any members.  How did you know about it?~

~Ginny had a vision~

~Ah, I see.  Goodbye Harry, I'll see you in a few days~

~Thank you, sir.  Goodbye~

As soon as the connection was ended, Dumbledore looked out at the questioning looks.  Smiling, he explained with a single word.

“ Harry.”

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