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Chapter Three
Sortings and Meeting the Locals

Standing outside the Great Hall, the four friends waited nervously for Dumbledore to come back with the first years.  They had hidden around a corner and watched as the rest of the school had filed in, but had made sure they weren't seen.  All of them were thinking back to what Dumbledore had said to them during the walk to the Entrance Hall.  He had told them not to be seen until the sorting, and asked them what they wanted to be known as.  They had all stared at him confused at first, before realising what he meant.  This time was close enough to their own time that people would recognise the Potter and Weasley names.  Hermione was alright, as she was a muggleborn.  But the three from old wizarding families had to change their names.  For Harry it had been relatively simple.  As his mother was muggleborn, he simply chose to use her maiden name - Evans.  Ron and Ginny had chosen to be called Weston, as it was close enough to their real name that they would be less likely to forget it.

Eventually, Dumbledore could be seen leading the first years up the steps and into the Entrance Hall.  Once he had briefly explained the Houses of Hogwarts, he turned to lead them into the Great Hall for the Sorting.  As the last student slipped through the doors, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione quickly caught up, tagging on to the end of the group.  As they walked past the student tables, they noticed a few people they thought might be related to people they knew in their own time.  However, they didn't have time to dwell on it as the sorting began.  They were quite surprised to hear a few names they recognised.  A short boy with long black hair and a cheeky grin was called up.  His name was Robert Black, and the Hat was on his head for barely a second before yelling, “GRYFFINDOR!”  The same happened a few minutes later when a boy with messy black hair and glasses took a seat, also to be put in Gryffindor.  Harry watched sadly as Eustace Potter took a seat at his new House table.  Wow, he thought, he looks like I used to look.  During his time in the founders' age, Harry had grown quite tall.  He had cut his hair shorter, showing off his scar, and had it spiked up.  It made it a lot more manageable than it had been.  He had also corrected his eyesight, so he no longer wore glasses.  If anyone looked at him, they wouldn't recognise him as a Potter unless they knew the family well.  His features had become more like his mother's as he had matured, and he was less like a carbon copy of his father.  The other three had also changed.  Ron had grown his hair longer, and was looking more like his brother Bill every day.  Hermione and Ginny had both matured as well, looking more like young women than lanky pre-teens.  Hermione's hair had also become less bushy, making her more attractive.

Eventually all of the new first years had been sorted.  Students and teachers alike were watching the time travellers curiously.  Dumbledore moved in front of the Sorting Hat and motioned for silence.

“ I have a little announcement to make.  This year we are joined by four new students who will be entering into their fifth year.  As I call each of them forward, they will be sorted, and will join their new Houses.  I ask you all to make them feel welcome.  Now, first we have…”


**Harry's POV**

“ Harry Evans!”

Harry nervously went up to the stool and put the hat on his head.  Like he had in the past, Harry heard the voice of the Hat whispering in his ear.  He groaned, knowing he would have to listen to another one of its annoying speeches.

Well, well, what do we have here?  I believe our Mr. Potter has finally come back to Hogwarts.  Are we still applying the rules of sorting you and your friends into different Houses?

Yes, Harry thought back.

Very well then.  Gryffindor and Ravenclaw are out of the question, but your strong revulsion for Slytherin House makes me hesitate to put you there.  You could do well there, especially since you know a lot about the Dark Arts, however I feel you still need some time before you would be truly accepted.  The pain you suffered connected to Hufflepuff has lessened, however it will never be completely gone.  You feel bad for leaving the young Ravenclaw girl, showing you are very loyal…You proved in your last year that you are willing to work hard to defeat this Dark Lord of yours, so I think the best choice for you this time would be…


Harry took the Hat off his head and moved over to the Hufflepuff table.  He was greeted with cheers and applause as he sat himself down next to the new first years.  They all smiled shyly at him, except for one, who was looking at him in astonishment.  Upon closer inspection he noticed she was using an elven concealing charm, hiding her pointed ears.  Any normal wizard wouldn't have detected it, but Harry had seen them before and knew how to recognise them.  She was sitting right across from him, and as the other students went back to their conversations, he leaned forward and spoke quietly to her in elvish.

“ So, you are from the elven world.  What brings you to Hogwarts?”

The shock on her face was rather amusing to watch.  Glancing around quickly, she quietly replied.

“ My mother sent me. She thought it would be good for me to learn about humans.  Our people have been separate for many hundreds of years, and most humans believe our race to be but a myth.  My mother thought it would be safe to send me here, as most humans would not know what to look for when searching for an elf.  With the concealing charms, I should be able to pass as a human.  I did not realise I would be fortunate enough to meet you

“ What's so special about me?”

“ Why, you are Harry Potter, are you not?”

“ Well, yes…”

“ How wonderful!  My mother has told me all about you!”

“ I know your mother?”

“ Yes, I believe you do.  Her name is Gaerwyn…”

“ GAERWYN!  As in Lolide's sister Gaerwyn?”

“ The very same.  My Aunt Lolide has told me of how she trained you in our culture and magics, so that you may one day rebuild the ties between my people and yours.  I see now why she chose you for this task, and I am honoured to meet you.”

“ Thank you…Will I be able to visit your mother and her sister?”

“ Of course!  They have been looking forward to it since you left!  You still have the stone?”

“ Yes, I keep it in a safe place.”

“ Then as soon as you have some free time, go for a visit.”

“ I will.  By the way, what's your name?”

“ I'm so sorry, I'm forgetting my manners.  I'm Minh-Minh-Lama.”

“ That's a rather long name…”

“ True, but my friends just call me Minh.”

“ Well, Minh, I'm glad to have met you.  It will be nice to see Gaerwyn and Lolide again.”

Before Harry could continue, a tall girl dressed in diaphanous black robes and hideous glasses came and sat herself next to the new fifth year.  Looking at her, Harry couldn't help but feel like he had seen her somewhere before.  As soon as she started to speak, he realised where he knew her from.

“ My dear, you must be the new boy.  I am here to tell you that I see death and gloom in your life.  A dark cloud floats above your head showing a dark past and an even darker future.  I suggest you are cautious.”

“ Oh, Sybil, stop trying to scare him!” another boy called from further down the table.  Trelawney turned quickly and glared at him.

“ Do not contradict me, mortal!  For I am a true Seer, and a powerful one at that!  My predictions are never wrong.  Be warned.”

That said, she stormed out of the Hall, Harry watching her in amusement as she left.


**Hermione's POV**

“ Next we have Miss Hermione Granger.”

Hermione walked up to the stool and placed the Hat on her head.  Like with Harry, the voice started as soon as she placed it there.

Ah, yes, Hermione Granger.  Last time I placed you in Slytherin House, as Ravenclaw had already been taken.  You did well there, I think, as it showed you that not all Slytherins are as evil as you believed them to be.  However, I see that this time Ravenclaw would be a good choice for you.  This is fortunate, as this is the only place I can send you.  Hufflepuff has been taken this year, you were in Slytherin last time, and you cannot be placed in Gryffindor.  Despite this, I would have chosen Ravenclaw for you this time anyway, as it will allow you to explore your more studious side.  Enjoy your time in…


Hermione took the Hat off her head, before heading to her new House table, where the students were clapping politely.  Sitting down in a spare seat, she was surprised when a rather short wizard stuck his hand out to her.

“ Filius Flitwick, sixth year.  Welcome to Ravenclaw House.”

Hermione tentatively held out her hand to her future charms teacher.

“ It's a pleasure to meet you,” she said back.

Filius smiled at her and started up a conversation about charms.  Hermione, always eager to speak with someone as interested in schoolwork as herself, was fascinated by his theories about combining spells.


**Ron's POV**

“ Ronald Weston.”

As his name was called out, Ron walked up to the Sorting Hat.  He knew where it was going to put him, but he was still nervous.  He was strongly reminded of his first year when he had been sorted for the first time.  He had been so afraid of disappointing his parents by being put in a different House to the rest of his brothers.  Putting the Hat on his head, he listened as it gave its customary speech.

Ronald Weasley, I don't believe we've had the pleasure.  Well, there isn't much I can tell you; for you know what House you belong in.  So without further ado I'll place you in…


Ron walked calmly over to the Gryffindor table and sat down next to a beautiful redheaded girl.  Looking closely, he could see she closely resembled Ginny.  Smiling at her, he held out his hand.

“ Hello, I'm Ronald Weston.”

“ I'm Persephone.  Persephone Weasley.”

Ron started a little at this.  So that's why she looks like Ginny, he thought, we must be related.  But how?  I've never heard of a Persephone Weasley before.  I'll have to ask Dad when I get home.

“ So, what year are you in, Persephone?”

“ I'm a third year.  My little brother Arthur will be starting next year.  I can't wait!  I've told him he has to battle a troll to be sorted into a House.  He's terrified of coming, but I know he'll really enjoy it.”

Ron's confusion cleared a little when he realised Persephone must be his aunt.  However, he still couldn't understand why his father had never spoken of her.  Just then, he was pulled out of his thoughts by a shout of surprise from further down the table.  Robert Black was laughing uproariously as Eustace Potter turned red and gold from top to bottom.  He couldn't help but think, well, I suppose these are this generation's Marauders…


“ And last but certainly not least we have Virginia Weston.”

Ginny felt it was a bit pointless to put the Hat on, as she knew she would be in Slytherin by default.  She had dreaded this time for the whole of the last year, knowing she was not ambitious or cunning enough to be a Slytherin.  Her bad experiences with Tom Riddle's diary had also made her wary of being in his former House.  As expected, the Sorting Hat had little to say to her.

Ah yes, Virginia, I remember you.  There isn't much I can tell you, really. Slytherin does not suit you very well, my dear, but I cannot go against Godric's request.  That would make you our latest…


Ginny slowly made her way over to her new House, where her new housemates were leering at her.  Sitting down by some students that looked about her age, she was addressed by the two wizards sitting opposite her.  One had long silver hair and an aristocratic look.  The other had black, oily hair and a rather large nose.  Both were looking down on her as if staring at a cockroach.  The blond spoke first, his tone clipped and proper.

“ I have never heard the name Weston before, so I will assume you are a Mudblood.  There is no place for Muggle scum in our House so I suggest you watch your step.”

“ I'm not muggleborn,” Ginny spat, “ I happen to come from a very long line of witches and wizards.  My family has been…away…for a long time.  That is likely why you have never heard the name.”

“ You are a pureblood?” the dark haired boy asked.

“ Yes.”

“ In that case, welcome to Slytherin House.  I am Satanus Snape and this is my good friend, Caligula Malfoy.”

Ginny had to try hard not to grimace at the names, before plastering a smile on her face and holding out her hand.  After all, she thought, why make enemies unnecessarily…


An hour later the students from all tables were led out of the Great Hall towards their common rooms, Head Girl Minerva McGonagall leading the way.  As they left, Dumbledore watched the four friends splitting in different directions, knowing that the coming year would be very interesting indeed…

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