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Chapter Seventeen
The Order of the Phoenix

The following evening found a bizarre group out on the quidditch pitch.  It was made up of four time travelling fifth years, who should have been sixth years, two first years, one of which was a half elf, and two ghosts, one bound to a stone, and one a mischievous poltergeist.  Gallatea was floating above her stone, Peeves hovering not too far away, giving his silent support.  The other six were standing in a circle around the stone, holding hands and chanting.  After the first couple of minutes, both their bodies and the stone began to glow softly.  This was Peeves' cue.  He floated over and above them, holding a crystal basin over Gallatea.  When the glow turned from a soft blue to a blinding white, he tipped the contents of the bowl onto the waiting ghost.  The effect was immediate.  The whole area started to pulse a bright red, the colour of the mixed blood of the chanters that had been contained in the crystal bowl.  Then, without warning, the light grew brighter before exploding outwards, throwing the spell casters backwards onto the ground.  When they looked up, all a little dazed, they saw a symbol appearing in the top right hand corner of the stone, above the first inscription.  This showed that the ritual had worked, as the parchment said this would happen.  Grinning, Gallatea waited until they all stood up before heading over to the edge of the pitch.  Once there, she tentatively moved across the boundary, elation filling her as she passed unheeded.

“ Thank you all so much,” she gushed, going back to the assembled students, “ I don't know what to say!  For so long I was tied there, I'm not sure where to go first.”

“ It's alright, `Tea.  You can go wherever you like,” Ginny told the joyous specter.

“ I think I should go and see this headmaster of yours and let him know I am here.”

“ That would probably be a good idea,” Hermione agree, “ We'll all come.  Harry especially may have some explaining to do.”

“ I'm not telling him everything!”

“ I'm not expecting you to.  But it think he will want to know why the founder's only daughter bound herself to the quidditch pitch, don't you?”

“ True.  Let's go then.”

The group started making their way up to the castle, the students walking, and the ghosts flying about and generally having a good time.  Once they reached the headmaster's office, they said the password and headed up, knocking on the door and waiting for him to allow them entry.  An almost immediate response from the professor meant they were soon sitting in front of his desk, large grins on their faces.  Before they could start to tell him anything, though, he started the conversation with a question.

“ I'm assuming you were responsible for that power surge and consequent battering of the wards?”

The six students suddenly seemed to deflate a little.  They hadn't considered that the spell could damage the wards, as they weren't expecting the shock wave to be so huge.

“ We're sorry, sir.  We didn't mean to do any damage…”

“ I know you didn't, Miss Granger, but I would like to know what you did so I can check the wards properly for damage.  Could you also tell me who this young lady is?”

“ Yes sir, this is Gallatea Ravenclaw, daughter of Lady Rowena Ravenclaw.  `Tea, this is Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts.”

“ It is nice to meet you, Headmaster.”

Dumbledore didn't respond right away.  Ginny was wishing she had her camera to capture the look of pure astonishment on Dumbledore's face.  It wasn't a common sight, after all.  Once he had recovered a little, he shook his head and smiled at the floating woman.

“ The pleasure is all mine, I assure you.  Would someone care to enlighten me on what is going on?”

It was Harry who told the headmaster that `Tea was his girlfriend, who had tied her soul to the stone in the quidditch pitch so she could one day see him again.  When he was finished, he saw the surprised look on the headmaster's face.

“ So it was you who built the quidditch pitch.  How interesting…”

“ Harry and I invented quidditch as well, sir,” Ron couldn't help but add.

Dumbledore smiled at them, his eyes twinkling brightly.

“ Well, the spell you used shouldn't have done any damage.  As for you, Miss Ravenclaw, I suppose you are free to haunt wherever you like.”

“ I think I would like to visit my old House again.  Tell me, does Ravenclaw have a ghost?”

“ Not as yet, but I'm sure that can be remedied.”

“ Thank you, sir.”

That said, Gallatea floated out of the office.  Everyone bar Harry and Dumbledore stood to leave, and as they were on their way out, Minh noticed the boy still seated in front of the headmaster's desk.

“ Harry, are you coming?”

“ I'll be down soon, Minh.  I need to speak to Professor Dumbledore about something.”

“ Alright, I'll see you later.”

Once the door was shut behind them, Harry turned to the curious man in front of him.  He thought back over the plans he had been making over the last few weeks, since the discussion about the resistance.

“ Sir, I have a proposition.”

“ Go ahead, Harry.  I'm open to your ideas.”

“ I've been considering the Grindelwald situation, and I think I have a sensible idea for opposing him.”

“ Go ahead.  Although I would like to know why you always seem to be getting involved in combat situations.  You are only sixteen, Harry; you need to have a childhood.”

“ Sir, I have been fighting evil since I was eleven.  It's practically all I know.  And there is no way I am going to turn my back and have fun with my friends when innocent people are being killed.  I have to do something.”

“ Very well, as you wish, although I'm beginning to see why you were placed in Hufflepuff.  You are loyal even to those you have never met, and are prepared to work hard to help others.  All signs of a true Hufflepuff.  I know last year you were a Ravenclaw, and before that a Gryffindor.  I am beginning to see that you made the right decision in spending time in different Houses.  It is giving you a wider perspective.  I digress, I do apologise.  Carry on.”

“ As I was saying, you mentioned that many people are willing to fight, but are disunited and unable to join the Ministry's efforts.”

“ That is true, yes.”

“ Well, if the Ministry was isn't working, as is apparent, then we should take things into our own hands.  The aurors can't help, so we must help ourselves.  I propose contacting all those willing to help in any way, and start an organised resistance force.”

“ I can see where you are going with this, and it seems a good idea, but how could you organise this?”

“ I've been thinking about it and have drawn up some plans.  You said you had people who would want to fight.  Bring them here for a meeting and we will discuss things together.  I am suggesting a real order, an order with a leader and soldiers willing to fight back.  We could do what the Ministry is refusing to do.  I have been doing some research, and from what I can see, the aurors turn up and drive off straggling enemy wizards after an attack, and help with the cleanup.  That is all they do.  We would work differently.  We would need spies in Grindelwald's ranks, who would tell us of upcoming attacks.  We could be there when they arrive, and fight them off.  We could cut down their numbers and save lives.  Operatives would gather intelligence to help, and we could work on a way of getting rid of the threat forever.  What do you say?”

“ Frankly, Harry, I'm impressed.  I see what you're trying to say.  I tell you what, I'll gather anyone who I think might be interested, and we can have a preliminary meeting on the second of March.”

“ Sounds fine, thank you Professor.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have some preparations to make.”

Harry went over to the wall of the office and created a door, going into his room and leaving the headmaster to his thoughts.


A few days later, Harry called all of his friends, including `Tea and Peeves, as well as the headmaster, into his room.  He had been working solidly since his meeting with Dumbledore, and had finalised his preparations for the upcoming discussions.  However, to break up the time he had been working on the statues he had promised to make.  He had even made a slight modification to Persephone's likeness to make it more realistic.  When the group was gathered, he went over to a row of several sheet covered objects.

“ Everyone, I would like to welcome you to the unveiling of my latest works.  Firstly, I would like to show you the changes I have made to Persephone Weasley's statue.”

Harry pulled the sheet away and revealed the statue underneath.  It looked the same as it did before, only now it blinked up at the watching people and smiled gently.  

“ I've added an extra dimension to the statues.  They are now more like the portraits, having a life of their own.  They will never be the real thing, but they will be a nice reminder.”

He then proceeded to pull the sheets off the rest of the statues.  The Potters came first, waving at Eustace as the sheets were removed.  The younger boy had tears running down his face at the sight.  He went over and asked Harry to add an inscription to each, which he did gladly.  The next to be unveiled was Ardwick, a cheeky grin playing on his lips and a twinkle in his eye.  Christabel followed, looking shy as always but happy nonetheless.  Peeves and Gallatea were uncovered together, and the real people went to closely inspect their statues, offering their approval.  The last three to be uncovered were Lady Hufflepuff, Lady Ravenclaw and Lord Gryffindor.  Seeing her mother looking so lifelike, but knowing she wasn't real, was making Gallatea a little emotional.  Before anyone could get too upset at the sight of their lost friends, Harry told them what was going to happen next.

“ Next time I go to Corvus Corax, I'll take them with me.  They'll go on the third floor in the East Tower, above the portrait and trophy rooms.  I can collect them there as a memorial place, so we can go there to remind ourselves of the friends we have lost.”

The others all nodded, knowing it was a good idea.  It would give them a place to go in years to come for comfort and to grieve.  Leaving the room, they all had tears in their eyes


The first of March found the whole school gathered on the quidditch pitch for the Slytherin and Hufflepuff game.  The Hufflepuffs had been working extra hard, as the Slytherins were the reigning champions on the quidditch pitch.  They had taken the cup eight years in a row, and the new players on the other teams were threatening their position.  As a consequence, they had been working harder and had come up with some very dirty tricks to win their games.  They had already lost to Gryffindor, and they needed to beat Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw to still be in with a chance of winning the quidditch cup.

The whistle blew and the teams sped around the pitch, Slytherin taking immediate possession.  Harry floated above, considering whom to try taking out first.  He knew from their last match that their Seeker wasn't as good as the Hufflepuff's.  He also knew that their main strength was in their Chasers.  Their Keeper was passable, but the tricks their Chasers used were all well practiced, and nearly always worked.  However, their best plays needed all three of them to pull off properly.  This gave Harry the best idea.  Flying over towards the Hufflepuff goal hoops, he waited.  The Hufflepuff Keeper looked up at him in confusion, but didn't say anything.  Just as the Chasers were heading over to score, Harry looked for a nearby bludger.  Luckily there was one heading his way, and just as one of the Slytherins was about to score, he hit them hard with the bludger and they fell to the ground.  The Slytherin captain called a time out, but the Chaser was beyond repair, being carted off to the hospital wing.  The rest of the Hufflepuff team gathered around Harry to offer their congratulations.  Now the Chasers had been split up, they would be less effective.

A few minutes later the game resumed in earnest.  A few times one or the other of the Seekers had spotted the snitch, only to lose it again rather quickly.  However, the Slytherin Seeker decided to play dirty.  He led the Hufflepuff across the pitch, feinting a snitch sighting.  As they both neared the Slytherin goals, both beaters appeared from seemingly nowhere and sent a bludger heading right for the opposing team member's head.  Luckily, the Seeker managed to turn, but was still knocked to the ground, several ribs broken.  Diggory, seeing this, called a time out and the whole team congregated on the ground to hear what he had to say.

“ Alright everybody, we're in trouble.  We've lost our Seeker, and we have no way of catching the snitch.  The only way we could win would be on goal difference, and even though Harry split up their Chasers, they're still very good.  Any suggestions?”

“ I could play Seeker.”

“ Harry, you're a Beater.”

“ I know, but I'm a better Seeker than I am a Beater.  The way I see it, the team has two Beaters and no Seeker.  We can't beat the Slytherins without a Seeker.  So we forsake one Beater, and have one person in each position.  We can't sacrifice the Keeper, as we only have one and we need to keep the Slytherins from scoring.  We also know that they have a stronger team of Chasers, so we need an advantage there.  The only expendable team member would be a Beater.”

“ Good thinking, Harry.  You play Seeker, but we'll have to tell the ref.”

Diggory floated up to the flying instructor and made the change official.  The Slytherins were protesting, as they claimed it was against the rules.  Harry calmly informed them that he knew for a fact that it wasn't.  After all, he thought, I wrote the rules.  A few minutes later he was in the air once again, the Slytherin Seeker tailing him the whole time, shouting taunts to put him off.

“ Hey, Evans!  Mudblood Evans!  You think Muggle filth can catch a snitch?  I don't think so.  You're not even a real Seeker.  Watch out for bludgers.  Wouldn't want you chasing the wrong ball.”

The insults carried on for a few minutes, Harry ignoring them all the time.  Turning around, he caught sight of the snitch below him and started to dive for it.  The Slytherin merely yelled after him.

“ You must be seeing things, or you're trying to feint.  Slytherins aren't stupid enough to fall for a Hufflepuff's idea of a trick.”

Seconds later, Harry flew back up to where his tormenter was flying, the snitch held in his hand and a smirk on his face.

“ You may not be stupid enough to fall for a feint, but you're stupid enough not to try for the snitch.”

Amidst cheers from the Hufflepuff stands, Harry descended back onto the pitch, snitch held tightly in his outstretched hand, and a smug look on his face.


The next day found Harry making his way to Dumbledore's office as planned.  He walked slowly, but confidently, taking the time to run over his plans in his head one last time.  He had weighed up all of the options, and come up with what he thought was the best way of dealing with Grindelwald.  When he reached the gargoyle, he gave the password and strode up the stairs, slowing near the top when he heard voices coming through the heavy wooden door.

“…reason for this, Albus?”

“…there is, Alastor…called you here about…proposed…resistance.”

“…organised you say?...hear you out.”

“ You'd better not…wasting time, Albus, or…”

Harry thought it would be prudent to interrupt at this point, so he firmly and steadily knocked on the door and waited for the headmaster to allow him entry.

“ Come in,” he could hear through the door, prompting him to push it open and take in the people in the room.  He was surprised by the many familiar faces he saw, whether he knew them or knew their offspring.  Dumbledore stood from his place, breaking the silence that had descended on the room.  To say the other occupants were surprised would be an understatement.

“ Ah, Harry!  So good of you to join us.  I've had to quash a few curious minds.  Now that we are all here, we can get down to business.  Allow me to introduce everyone.  There are a few people you already know, Alastor Moody our Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Virginia and William Weasley I believe you have also met, Professor Alice Sewell, your Potions Mistress, and of course the students, Minerva and Filius.  You will notice we have Amelia and John Logan here as well, which was a little more difficult to arrange.  Allow me to introduce a few aurors who don't believe the Ministry is doing enough. We have Janus and Julianne McGonagall, who you will recognise as Minerva's parents.  Peter Bones and Gaius Flitwick are also fathers of students here.  Mundungus Fletcher is an associate with a lot of contacts and Arabella Figg is a squib friend of mine.  Next we have Floribunda Sprout, renowned herbologist and healer; Daedalus Diggle from the Department of Mysteries; Rubeus Hagrid, our trainee gamekeeper; Mr. Ollivander, master wand maker; and Cedric Diggory, from the Department of Accidental Magic Reversal.  There were a few people who couldn't make it, but if everything works out they will be joining us later.”

Harry froze at the last name, looking closely at the man.  He looked a lot like the Tri-wizard competitor, if a little older, and it brought back unpleasant memories for Harry.  Cedric must have been named after him, he thought.  Harry shook himself out of his memories as Dumbledore introduced him.

“ Everyone, this is Harry Evans, he is sixteen and is a fifth year Hufflepuff.  It is he who has masterminded this whole arrangement.”

Shouts of protest immediately started.

“ Albus, you can't be serious…”

“ He's just a child…”

“ A fifth year!  Unbelievable…”

“ He isn't old enough to lead us…”

“ Aren't Hufflepuffs pacifists…?”

The questions continued on this thread for some time, until Harry got bored.  Raising his hand, he made a gesture in the air and the room became silent.  People turned to him, mouths agape, and tried to protest.  They were most annoyed when their found their voices had disappeared.

“ Now that I can hear myself think, I think we should take this somewhere we can discuss this like civilised people.”

Taking out a portkey, he moved his hand and everyone's arm lifted and they moved forward, shocked and scared looks on their faces.  Harry had used a mild control curse much like the one Voldemort had used to make him bow at the graveyard duel.  It was less potent than the Imperious, and didn't come with an Azkaban sentence, but it was still Dark Magic.  Once everyone was touching the portkey, he said the activation spell and the group reappeared in the portkey room in Domus Corvus Corax.

“ Now, if I release you, will you all come calmly and listen to what I have to say?”

The question was met with nods, some of which were slightly mutinous.  With another gesture, they were all free of the spells.  Dumbledore and the Logans went over to the boy as he led the group out of the room.

“ Was that really necessary, Harry?” the headmaster asked.

“ It was the only way to get their attention, Professor.  They were looking at me as a child.  I had to prove my worth as a warrior from the beginning, or they would have forever seen me as a weak child.”

The headmaster simply nodded and looked around the entrance hall with the others.  Harry was pleased to see astonishment on the faces of most.  Turning to the Logans, he smiled gently.

“ Do you like it?  I designed it myself.  This was where we came when we left your house.”

“ It's wonderful, Harry.  How have you all been, by the way?”

“ We're all fine, thank you.  How are you?  Have there been any more raids or attacks?”

“ No, thank goodness.”

“ What are you doing here, anyway?  I mean, how did you get involved?”

“ Well, your professor sent us a letter, telling us you were organising a resistance to the Dark Lord.  He thought we might be able to help from a Muggle point of view.  After all, Grindelwald and Hitler are working together closely.  We are the best connection you have to the Muggle world.  Apparently he had thought of us when you mentioned setting this up, as he knew we would be trustworthy.”

“ Fair enough, but I hope you know what you're getting yourselves into.  I don't want you getting hurt.”

By this time, the group had reached the ball room, which Harry had been preparing over the last few days.  There was a large round table in the middle of the room, with elegantly carved chairs all around it.  Fawkes was near one of the seats, resting on a golden perch.  He let out a note of phoenix song as Harry entered the room and went to sit down next to him.  Gesturing at the table, he waited for everyone to take a seat before he started.

“ Now, I assume I have gained your attention.  Let me get down to business.  The way I see it, we have two options.  Continue to allow the Ministry to run the war, and end up losing and being ruled.  Or, we can take matters into our own hands and fight back.  Personally, I prefer the second option.  I propose we form a resistance force, with spies in Grindelwald's ranks, and operatives out gathering information.  Our spies can tell us when the attacks will be, and we may be able to prevent too many people being hurt.  In my experience, when you just sit back and ignore the problem, it doesn't go away.  It festers and grows larger, and before you know it you're under the control of a madman.  We are too few and too weak to move against Grindelwald's men in an all out battle, but if we chip away at them as and when problems arise, his numbers will eventually decrease.  Take away the servants, and the master becomes vulnerable.  Now, I would like everybody still interested to remain seated, and anyone who wants to leave may do so now.  I'm sure you can find your way back to the portkey room.  There is an apparition point there where you can leave from.”

Nobody moved.  They all just looked up at the sixteen year old boy who was standing in front of them, telling them how they could make a difference in the world.  A fifth year student was instructing them in how to take care of something they should have dealt with a long time ago.  Seeing him standing there, a faint glow emanating off him and a phoenix at his side, they respected him.  Harry smiled back after a few minutes and nodded his head.

“ So be it.  Now, the first item of business.  I need to be assured of your loyalty to the cause, so I will be taking certain precautions.  First, I will be casting a spell on you.  It will ensure that you never speak a word about this group where anyone can hear you that aren't a member.  It will prevent you telling our secrets, even under torture.  Does anybody have any objections?”

Again nobody said anything.  Harry took this as agreement and waved his hand in the air, muttering slightly.  A moment later, all of the people gathered around glowed blue for a second, showing the spell had worked.  

“ Now we have that over and done with, I need to be assured of your loyalty.  If you will allow it, I would like Fawkes, this magnificent phoenix next to me, to sit on your shoulders one by one.  As you know, phoenixes will not come into contact with someone with evil intent.  He will be able to tell those who are here genuinely, and those who are here as spies.”

Turning to Fawkes, Harry gestured the bird towards the awaiting crowd.  The bird let out a trill and started to work his way around the seated group.  As he alighted on each shoulder, he let out a soft note of phoenix song.  The first time something different happened was when he perched on Mr. Ollivander's shoulder.  The man looked nervous as the majestic bird eyed him for a few minutes before letting out a longer trill.  As he flew to the next person's shoulder, two magnificent golden tail feathers fluttered into the wand maker's lap.  Harry just smiled.

“ Mr. Ollivander?  I believe Fawkes has gifted you with two feathers to use as wand cores.  The wands they are contained within will do great things, I guarantee it.”

The wand maker just nodded in thanks and wrapped the feathers in a conjured piece of silk, which he carefully placed in his pocket.  Once Fawkes returned to his perch, Harry looked at the assembled members, pleased.

“ Now we have that out of the way, we can get down to business.  The first point is that we need a leader and a second in command.  I had considered making everyone equal, but it would never work.  We can't just go off doing whatever we like.  We need someone to guide us and give orders.  I suggest a vote in a democratic way.  I would like each of you to write the names of your first and second choices on a piece of parchment.  I will then select someone at random to tally the results.”

With another wave of his hand, parchment and quills appeared in the table in front of each person.  They quickly scribbled down their choices and placed them in the centre of the table.  Harry looked around the table and chose someone to add them up.

“ Mr. Diggle, would you do the honours?”

The man looked surprised at being chosen, but quickly pulled the parchment towards him.  He looked through them, making notes on another piece of parchment, and when he was finished it he passed the results to Harry, who passed them to Mundungus Fletcher to read out, to ensure he wasn't cheating.  The shady man cleared his throat and gave the verdict.

“ By unanimous vote, Harry Evans is leader, with Albus Dumbledore as second in command.”

“ Very well, you have chosen.  I thank you for the honour.  Now, we need to sort out what everyone will do.  Ms. Sprout, I would like you to be our healer.  I have a fully equipped hospital in this estate, which will be at your disposal.  Amelia and John, I need you to gather intelligence from the Muggles.  It could be anything in newspapers or newsreels, although you have to beware of censorship and propaganda.  Do your best, and see what you can find out.  Mr. Diggory and Mr. Diggle, I need you to dig a little at the Ministry.  The same goes for you, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.  Find anything you can that could be of use.  Mr. Ollivander, please inform me of anybody coming in to your shop to buy a replacement wand.  It may be because it was broken in a fight, in which case we may be able to put names to some of Grindelwald's followers.  Professor Sewell, I would like you to be our Potions Mistress.  We will need a good supply of healing potions and poison antidotes for the infirmary.  Filius, Minerva and Rubeus, I would like you to monitor the older students and see if you can spot anyone who you think feels strong enough about the fight to be of help.  The more recruits we have the better.  Professor Moody and Headmaster Dumbledore, I would like you to add to the defenses at Hogwarts.  Whatever happens, we need the students to be safe.  As for the rest of you, you are mostly aurors.  I need two volunteers to join Grindelwald's ranks as spies.”

Harry waited and looked around at those he had yet to assign tasks.  After a moment, Janus and Julianne McGonagall raised their hands.  Minerva looked about to protest, but stopped when she saw the determined looks on her parents' faces.

“ Very well, thank you for volunteering,” Harry said, “ I would like you to approach Tiberius Malfoy and say you are interested in joining Grindelwald's ranks.  He will be able to put you in touch with the man himself.  Be careful what you say to him, though.  I think he might be a little sensitive on the subject of being made a squib.”

All of the members bar Dumbledore and the Logans looked at him, struck dumb at this revelation.  Harry sighed, and told them about the attack at Christmas, and the damage he and his friends had done.  They all seemed rather impressed.  When he was done, he went back to the task at hand.

“ Now, the rest of you, I need you to gather information as best you can.  I don't care how you do it.  Trail known Dark wizards, spy on people in Knockturn Alley, and dig into the Ministry's files.  I want reports whenever you find out anything, and this goes for everyone.  I need to know what is going on so I can form strategies.  When we know of an attack, I will call upon all of you to come and fight.  For this I will need to place a charm on you.  It is a highly modified version of what is called a Dark Mark.”

Everyone shifted a little uneasily at this.  Although they didn't know what a Dark Mark was, they thought by the sound of its name they wouldn't like it.  The truth was, since Harry had found the passage in his parseltongue book on the subject, he had been trying to find a way of removing the mark from Voldemort's followers.  When he had started devising the resistance, he had begun modifying the spell to fit his needs.

“ I assure you all, there is no need for alarm.  The mark is painless, and barely noticeable.  All it is is a connection to Professor Dumbledore and me.  We will be able to summon you through the mark, so you know when meetings are.  When you are called, you will feel a tingling in the place where the mark is.  When this happens, I would like you to apparate to the portkey room here on the estate.  This place is safer even than Hogwarts, and will be used for our base of operations.  You get to choose the form of the mark, so it will be less of a burden.  It can be practically anything, from a tattoo in the shape of your choice, to a mole on your skin.  It can also be placed on any part of your body.  I will give you until the next meeting to decide.”

Everyone nodded their heads, accepting what he said.  They saw the logic behind it, and were pleased they could choose the form it would take.

“ Now,” Harry continued, “ I have only two more things to cover.  Firstly, we need to recruit more people to our cause.  Three of my friends, who are equal to me in power and skill, will be joining us at the next meeting, so I ask you to welcome them as adults, not as children.  I would like all of you to ask around too, discreetly of course, and find anyone you trust who you think would join us.  If and when you find candidates, bring them to the next meeting, which will be at the same time next week, in this place.  You can apparate in, or use the floo network.  The address for flooing in is Corvus Corax.”

Harry then stood up and went to each of them, placing a hand on their chests and muttering a spell.  When he was once again seated, he explained what he had done.

“ I have now keyed you in to the wards.  The first time you bring someone, it will have to be by floo, otherwise the wards will keep them out.  The last thing I need to know is about this group we have formed.  We need something by which to call it.  I would like to hear your suggestions.”

“ How about simply `The Resistance'?”

“ The Order of the Righteous?”

“ The Light Organisation?”

“ The Phoenix group?”

“ I have a suggestion, everyone.”

The group turned towards Dumbledore, who in turn was looking at Fawkes.

“ The Order of the Phoenix.”

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