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Chapter Two
Dumbledore and Dippet

Hermione cleared her throat and tried to think of the best way to summarise their situation.  

“ Well, we're sort of from the future, but we're actually from the past.”

Surprisingly, Dumbledore simply nodded at this explanation as if it made perfect sense.

“ That's very interesting, Miss…”

“ Granger, sir.  Hermione Granger.”

“ Miss Granger, but would you care to elaborate?”

Hermione started to blush.  She didn't like being under such close scrutiny by her future headmaster.

“ Well, we're from the future.  At least I think we are…What year is it?”

“ 1943.”

“ Ah, that would explain a lot.  Yes, we're from the future.  1995 to be exact.  I found a magic amulet and gave it to Harry here for his birthday.  A year ago today we said a spell while holding the amulet and it had rather…unexpected…results.  You see, it's called the amulet of time, and…”

“ There is no need to go on, Miss Granger.  I believe I understand what is going on.”

“ You do?” she asked in astonishment.

“ Yes, I do.  You see, many years ago I came into possession of a book written many years before my time.  It was a chronicle of one year in the life of a Hogwarts student.  At first it seemed a rather unremarkable book, the sort of thing that people pass by in the bookshop without ever considering reading.  However, the thing that caught my attention was that it dated back 900 years, to the time of the Hogwarts founders.  This in itself was rare, as not many books from that time have survived.  What really piqued my interest was the fact that it was in its original form, yet was written in modern English.  I found this astounding.  Surely, I thought, someone in that time would write in Anglo-Saxon or Latin.  Maybe even French or Celtic.  But to have written it in modern English should have been impossible.  I bought the book as soon as I saw it, and was fascinated by what it described.  It told of four friends visiting the age of the founders from the distant future, and helping to save the past.  It was written by a girl named Gallatea Ravenclaw, daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw.  I am assuming you are the same ones as those who visited the founders?”

The four time travellers could do nothing but nod their heads in shock.  She must have written her book after all, Harry thought.  Then another thing occurred to him.  If it's 1943, that means Tom Riddle has just left school.  The older students here will still remember him.  If I talk to some of them who knew him personally, I may be able to find a weakness.  

Dumbledore smiled benevolently at them before holding out his hand.  Each shook it briefly, before he continued his address.

“ Well, now that we have that settled, would you like to introduce yourselves?”

“ Ronald Weasley.”

“ Virginia Weasley.”

“ Hermione Granger.”

“ Harry Potter.”

“ Good, good.  Now!  What to do with you?  Are you sure you don't want Professor Dippet to know?”

“ Yes.”

“ Then I will tell him that four students have arrived, and would like to join the school.  I am sure I can get him to let you in.  What year will you be taking?”

“ Fifth year, sir,” Ginny told him, “ We took our OWLs and NEWTs at the start of the summer, and passed with `O' grades.  However, they were in ancient magic, not modern magic.  We will have to take our fifth year again.”

“ Very well.  If you will wait here, I will fetch the headmaster.”

That said, Dumbledore stood and gracefully stalked out of the room.


Ten minutes later the door once again opened to admit Dumbledore and Dippet.  The latter looked a little perplexed and eyed the new students warily.  Once they were seated, he began to question the Transfiguration teacher.

“ Albus, who are these?”

“ They are students who wish to take their fifth year here at Hogwarts.”

“ Where are they from?  Are you sure you can trust them?  These are dark times, Albus, you need to remember that.”

“ They have been home educated, Headmaster.  They need to come to a proper school this year, as they will be taking their OWLs.”

The four students were all thinking how familiar that sounded…

“ I see.  Are you sure they are trustworthy?  I mean, with Grindelwald and everything, how can you be sure they do not support the Dark?”

“ I trust them, Headmaster.  I hope you will trust my judgment in this.”

“ Very well, they may stay.  They will be sorted with the first years at the Welcome Feast.  Can I trust you to take care of it?”

“ Of course.”

“ Very good.  If that is all, I have some matters to attend to.  See you at the feast, Albus.”

With that Professor Dippet left the office.  The four students were relieved at the fact they were to be allowed to take classes.  However, the mentioning of the Dark Lord Grindelwald had them all a little concerned.  They knew they could hold their own in a fight, especially Harry with his Dark Arts knowledge and outstanding dueling skills.  However, that didn't make them feel any better.  Each was brought out of his or her thoughts when Dumbledore started explaining what was going to happen.

“ Now that we have that sorted, we can make some arrangements.  When the Welcome Feast starts, I would like you to wait outside the Great Hall until the first years arrive.  When they go in for the Sorting, just tag along at the end.  I will announce you as I would any other new student, and you will be sorted into your Houses.  Tomorrow is a Saturday, so your lessons will not be starting until Monday.  In the morning we will be going to Diagon Alley, so that you can collect your new school supplies.  I am assuming, of course, that you have money?”

“ Yes, we do,” Harry confirmed, thinking of the vault set up before they had left.  Ron suddenly grinned, obviously having had the same thought.

“ Well then, I will meet you in the Entrance Hall after breakfast.  We should be back by lunchtime, so you will still have plenty of time to spend making new friends.  Now, I think it's time we made our way to the Great Hall.  We wouldn't want to be late, now, would we?”

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