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Chapter Twenty-Five
Ginny's Vision

Nine days after Ginny and Harry had been separated; the Boy-Who-Lived was getting worried about his friend.  He had been left alone, with no more torture being inflicted.  The only time he was visited was when one of his guards brought him a little food and water, and Grindelwald had put in an appearance two days previously.  His week alone was up, and Grindelwald was there to see if the teenager had cracked yet.  When it appeared that Harry was as stubborn as ever, the Dark Lord had ordered another week in confinement.  By the ninth day alone, Harry had heard nothing of Ginny, and he didn't know if she was being left alone or tortured.  For all he knew, she was already dead.  When he couldn't bare the worry any more, he decided it was time to send out Simbi and Nirah.  Lifting his aching arms, he pulled his tattered sleeves away, revealing his snake encircled wrists.

*Guys, I have a job for you*

*What's up, Harry?* Simbi asked him.

*You know Ginny was taken away?*


*We do*

*Well, I want you to go and check on her.  I don't know what's happened to her and I'm worried.  Are you sure you can't use your telepathy to speak to her?*

*Harry, you know we can only use it with others of our kind, and human telepaths like your friend Gallatea*

*I know, I was just hoping you could pass a message to her*

*We're sorry.  We'll tell you what is happening to her*

*Thank you*

The pair started to make their way across the floor and out of a small gap they had found a few weeks ago.  Harry sat alone in his cell, nursing his injuries and thinking positive thoughts.  Suddenly, a sharp pain hit him in the head, as if someone was trying to get into his mind.


Ginny was sitting staring into space when Simbi and Nirah slithered into view.  She had recently been sleeping, but had been pulled from her nightmare of Harry-torture by a tingling in her head.  She hadn't figured out what it was yet, but she knew she would have plenty of time to think it over.  As soon as she spotted the snakes, she held out her hand and waited for them to rest on her palm.  She then started stroking them gently.

“ Hi guys.  Did Harry send you?  I guess so.  He's probably worried about me.  That would be typical Harry behaviour.  Too busy worrying about others to care about himself.  It's one of the things I love about him.  I don't know why I'm talking to you, you can't understand me.  It's just nice to speak to someone, though.  It makes me feel less alone.”

The girl lapsed into silence, the two snakes wrapping themselves around her wrists, much like they did to Harry.  It gave her a small measure of comfort.  The snakes stayed for her the rest of the night, ensuring she was not alone to sleep through her nightmares.


In the other cell, Harry had been thinking about anti-magic fields while his two friends were away.  It had occurred to him that they guarded against all types of wizard magic, but he wasn't sure if they prevented elven magic.  Reaching out his senses, he tried to perform an elven hex.  

Nothing happened.  

Discouraged, he let out a loud sigh.  A few minutes later he tried an elven shield, which also had no effect.  It seemed that elven magic didn't work, which made the slight hope he had felt at the new idea fade.  On a whim, and as a way to alleviate the boredom of the situation, he tried to use elven healing magic to heal his black eye.  Much to his surprise, the bruising started to fade into nothing, leaving his eye as good as new.  Blinking in surprise, he tried more elven magic, discovering the wards prevented all kinds of human magic, but only offensive and defencive magic of other creatures.  It also prevented the use on any type of magic that would enable escape.  However, in the creation of the wards, Grindelwald had made a serious error.  While human healing magic wouldn't work, that of other species would.  Harry immediately started the appropriate chants and hand gestures that healed the majority of his injuries.  The older ones, such as the ones on his back, left hideous scars, but the rest healed over nicely.  There were a few problems that would normally have been helped with elven potions and plants, but as he didn't have them available to him he had to improvise.  Once he was done, he leant against the cool wall of the cell, a slight smile on his face, and fell asleep in exhaustion.


The next morning, Harry was once again awakened by one of his snakes' tongues tickling in his ear.  Turning over, he groaned.

*What can I give the pair of you to stop you from waking me up like that?  Anything.  Just name it*

*Why would we want anything?  It's amusing to see you squirm*

*Of all the snakes in the world, I had to get sadistic ones*

Simbi and Nirah let out the snake equivalent of a laugh, and took their places around Harry's arms.  Sitting up carefully and stretching out his healed legs, he was relieved to find he wasn't in pain.  It was a welcome relief after weeks of torture.  Looking down at Simbi, he asked him for his report.

*So, how's Ginny?*

*She's fine.  She feels lonely, and hungry, but apart from that she is unharmed*

*Well, that's a relief*

*She seemed to be comforted by our presence*

*Then I'd like to ask you both to spend the nights with her.  She needs all the comfort she can get*

*Master, what happened to you?* Nirah asked in curiosity as she noticed he was healed, *You are no longer in pain!*

*I found out last night that elven healing magic can still be used here.  I sorted out most of my injuries.  I figured it might be helpful if I try to escape.  If my captives think I'm weak and injured, I can take them by surprise*

*How Slytherin of you, young master*


Harry's indignant tirade was cut off by a sudden sharp feeling of unease.  Thinking frantically, he realised what was wrong, although he didn't now how he knew.  The one thing screaming in his head was a single word, Ginny.


When Ginny had awoken the first thing she noticed was the absence of Simbi and Nirah.  Sitting up, she decided to think about what might be happening to her brother and her friend in Poland.  As her thoughts turned to their situation, she could feel herself being drawn into a vision…

All around her she could see Muggles running, many of them in uniform with guns, but most of them clad in blue and white striped outfits.  Many were screaming and trying to get over the barbed wire fences as fires started in several places.  Looking around she could see gold clad wizards throwing curses everywhere.  Looking more closely, she spotted the long auburn hair and beard of Dumbledore, fighting his way through a group of Muggle soldiers.  A shock of red caught her attention, and she spotted Ron and Hermione sitting in a corner away from the fighting, clutching each other tightly, a look or intense relief on their faces.  After a minute they seemed to get resolved looks in their eyes and stood, waving their hands to cast spells, and repaying their tormentors.  As she was watching, Ginny suddenly realised that the Order of the Phoenix must have figured out how to fell the anti-magic field.

As Ginny's vision ended, she realised that it was due to happen really soon, and felt relief that her friend and brother would be rescued from their hell.  As she was sitting recovering, she suddenly felt a strange sensation in her head, before clearly hearing the worried voice of the boy she loved.


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