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Chapter Thirty-One

Harry left Dumbledore's office not long after his little proclamation, leaving behind a very confused headmaster.  Harry felt he needed to talk to his friends, as they knew the whole story about Harry's son.  He knew he would have to fill in a few things for Eustace without mentioning that he was Harry's grandfather, and so was planning what to say as he searched for a quiet corridor to create a door in.  Finding the odd student to be filling most of the corridors around the headmaster's office, he quickly slipped into the empty Charms classroom and placed his hand on the wall.  As soon as the door appeared, he hurried inside and went over to the fireplace to wait.  He still had half an hour before the others were due to turn up, and he needed to know what he was telling him.

At five to eight, Minh came through the wall from her dorm room.  She was the first to arrive, and rather than rouse Harry from his thoughts, she chose to sit opposite him in silence until the others arrived.  Over the next ten minutes, Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Eustace showed up, with Peeves and Gallatea being the last there.  Once they were all comfortably seated, Harry looked at them each in turn before explaining why they were there.

“ As you will know, at the feast Sybil Trelawney made her first real prediction.  Having given it some serious thought, I have come to the conclusion that it is about me.”

“ What makes you say that, Harry?  I was there when she told us it, and I don't see how it ties in with you.”

“ That's because you don't know much about the future, Minh.  When you take it line by line, it makes sense.  Hermione, is I recite it, tell me what you come up with, and I'll tell you if I agree.  You're normally the best at riddles and the like.”

“ Alright, Harry.  Fire away.”

“ One child, born of himself.”

“ That would be you, I assume?”

“ Yes.  I am my own ancestor, so I am `born of myself'.”

“ That makes sense.  Go on.”

“ Wait a minute.  What do you mean; you're your own ancestor?” Eustace interrupted.

“ It's a long story, Eustace,” Ginny told him.  Gallatea shook her head at this.

“ No it's not, not really.  Basically, when Harry was in the past, I had his child, named Glenadade.  I believe you have seen his portrait in the entrance hall of Corvus Corax.  He was the first of Harry's line.  Harry's child is Harry's ancestor.  It's quite complicated, so I'd just accept it and not think too much on it if I were you.”

A rather stunned Eustace just nodded mutely, and even Minh looked surprised.  She had suspected something like this from what her mother and aunt had told her, but she had never had it confirmed.  Hermione took the silence as an opportunity to continue.

“ Harry, what's the next line?”

“ Shall end that which others cannot.”

“ As in, you killing Voldemort when you were a baby?”

“ That's what I thought.  I mean, no-one else could get rid of him, but he vanished after I was hit with the Killing curse.”

“ WHAT!  You survived a Killing curse???” Eustace yelled.  Although he considered Harry an older brother, there was a lot he still didn't know about him and his friends.  They had told him they were from the future, but had refused to tell him anything besides the fact that Harry was an orphan and lived with his Muggle relatives.  He had heard things when they had their late night talks, but none of it was specific enough to give away too much about the future.

“ Eustace, calm down.  It's one of those things we can't tell you about, but yes, I did survive a Killing curse.  That's where I got the scar on my head,” Harry explained.

“ What scar?” Eustace asked in confusion.  Harry's eyes widened as he realised he had placed a concealing charm on it at the start of the year.  With a wave of his hand, he lifted the spell and the lightning bolt materialised on his forehead.  Minh and Eustace looked at it in awe and curiosity.  After a minute, Harry became uncomfortable, replacing the charm and giving Hermione a pleading look.

“ Can we move on?  Give me the next line,” Hermione instructed, bringing the attention back to her.

“ Two shall fall, and two shall perish.”

“ Well the two who perished would be your parents, but what about the other two?  They could be referring to any number of people.  Voldemort fell from power, Pettigrew was stuck as a rat, Sirius was sent to Azkaban, Professor Lupin was no longer trusted, and several Dark families were condemned for their Death Eater connections.  It could have been any of those.  What did you come up with?”

“ Well, I thought for certain Voldemort would be one of them, but I'm not sure who the other is supposed to be.  I'll bare it in mind, though.  The next line was the one to catch my attention.  It goes `While one shall stay to defeat again'.  The remaining one would be me, I assume, as I was the one who defeated Voldemort once.”

“ I agree,” Hermione said, nodding, “ But if is says defeat again, it could be referring to you helping to defeat Slytherin or Grindelwald.  It doesn't necessarily mean you will ultimately defeat Voldemort again.”

“ That's the thing though, `Mione.  I didn't defeat Slytherin or Grindelwald, I only helped.  The only one I have defeated on my own has been Voldemort.  I think she meant I will defeat him again.”

“ I agree with Harry,” Peeves chipped in, “ I mean, Lord Gryffindor defeated Slytherin, and Dumbledore killed Grindelwald.  Sure, Harry may have helped, and even played an instrumental role, but he didn't deal the killing blows.  If you have your life tied to this Voldemort fellow, I think it is your destiny to defeat him eventually.”

“ That makes sense, Peeves.  I never took you for a deep thinker,” Ron added.

“ Hey!  I think!  I just like to put most of my thinking powers into pranks.”

“ And don't we know it,” Ginny muttered to `Tea.  The ghost let out a short snort of laughter.

“ Anyway,” Hermione interrupted, “ Harry, tell us the rest.”

“ Born to save, of his own flesh, Ouroboros created by the fates, to end the darkness for eternity.”

“ That sounds like you for sure, Harry.”

“ I know, `Tea.  I am Ouroboros, born of my own flesh and created by the fates to finally defeat Voldemort and end his Dark reign of terror.”

“ I concur.  All of the evidence suggests that you are Ouroboros.”

“ Wait a minute.  For those of us not up on human terminology, what is Ouroboros?” asked an exasperated Minh.

“ Sorry Minh.  Ouroboros is normally depicted as a serpent eating its own tail.  It represents the endless round of completion.  The serpent eating its own tail shows an endless and unbreakable circle.  It is similar to the Roman personification of eternity, called Aeternitas.  I can see why Harry is compared to it.  Being his own descendent means he was always meant to be here.  He has a destiny, to fight the Dark Lord and end the Age of Darkness.  He was created by the Fates and to ensure his existence he was crated in a circle, for eternity.”


The next day everyone was up bright and early to pack for the holidays.  Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione were all taking the train with their friends to King's Cross.  Once there they would travel by floo from the public fireplace on Platform 9 ¾ to Corvus Corax.  Harry was a little confused when he heard the platform had a fireplace.  He knew there wasn't one there in 1995, and was wondering what had happened to it.  When he asked Ron a few day days before, he had been told that the fireplace had been taken out during Voldemort's first reign for safety reasons and never put back.

Breakfast was a rather subdued affair.  Most of the students were excited about going home to their families again, but for Harry it was the last time he would ever see most of the people in the school.  He picked disinterestedly at his food, and merely nodded to Minh as she spoke to him.  At the end of breakfast, before the students could leave the Hall, Dumbledore stood up to make one last request on behalf of Ginny.

“ Everyone, I would like to wish you all a wonderful summer.  However, before I let you go home, I would like to ask you all to assemble on the front steps according to year and House.  The teachers will tell you how.  Thank you.”

Most of the students were looking at each other in confusion at this strange request, but rushed to comply.  Ginny was stood in front of the school when Harry went outside.  She was putting a floating and timing spell on her camera, and setting it up in the right place for a photograph.  Once everyone was assembled as instructed, she set the timer off, taking a picture.  Once the flash had gone off, everyone moved off the steps and made their way to the carriages.

Once they were all on the train, the four time travellers, Minh and Eustace found an empty compartment at the end of the train and sat down.  For a while they occupied themselves, with Ron and Eustace playing chess, Harry and Minh having a heated discussion in the elven language, and Ginny and Hermione reading.  When the witch with the trolley came around offering them various niceties, Harry and Ron, having the most money, bought treats for everyone.  Not long after, the group was visited by some unwelcome Slytherins.  The door of their compartment was rudely pulled open, revealing the smirking forms of Caligula Malfoy and Satanus Snape.

“ Well, well, well, if it isn't the heroes and their fan club,” Caligula drawled.

“ Shut up, Malfoy,” Minh said angrily.

“ Oh, the little mouse has teeth!  Never would have thought it from looking at her, skinny little bint…”

Eustace was on his feet in an instant, wand drawn and pointed at Malfoy.  The pair just sneered in reply.

“ I see the little orphan thinks he can defend his friend.  Little first years couldn't do anything to us.  What do you think you're going to do, Potter, use Wingardium Leviosa on us?”

The Slytherins snickered at Satanus' comment.  The other four were starting to get annoyed, but knew if they lost their tempers they could seriously harm the other students.  Instead they decided to join in the insulting, Harry turning a wicked grin on Caligula.

“ At least he can perform Wingardium Leviosa, Malfoy.  Unlike your dear father Tiberius.”

“ You leave my father out of this, Mudblood.”

“ Ooh, I think you hit a nerve there, Harry.”

“ I think I did, Ron.  You know Malfoy; I think it's time you and your little sidekick take a hike before I do to you what I did to your father.”

“ YOU WOULDN'T DARE!” the fifth year screamed, rage colouring his face an ugly red.  Harry just smirked.

“ I wouldn't count on it.  I hear you're going to Durmstrang next year.  Just the place for budding young Dark wizards.”

“ One day, Evans, we'll meet you again, and when we do we will be stronger than even you.”

“ I doubt that, Snape.  After all, I bested Grindelwald and his apprentice in a battle with the Dark Arts.  I highly doubt you can beat me.”

“ One day, we will,” Caligula promised.

“ Until we meet again, then,” Harry whispered as the two left the compartment in a huff.

“ Well, that was interesting,” Ginny said.

“ It wouldn't be the Hogwarts Express without a visit from a Malfoy,” Ron agreed.

“ True.”

“ Yeah.”


Before they knew it, the Hogwarts Express was pulling up at the station and everyone was pulling their trunks onto the platform and greeting their families.  When they stepped from the carriage, the group was warmly greeted by John and Amelia Logan.

“ Oh, it's lovely to see you all again so soon.  How are you all doing?” Amelia gushed as she gave them all tight hugs.  The students all blushed and told her they were fine.  With a smile from John, the group made their way over to the fireplace.

“ Now you five take care in that big house.  And I want you to come and visit us later in the holidays for a few weeks.  We have the space, and I know you will want to see each other as much as possible.  Don't worry, though.  With Order business and the like we'll be dropping in on you every now and again,” Amelia continued.

Turning to Eustace, each of the friends gave him a hug and said goodbye, promising to meet him in Diagon Alley for a trip in two weeks time.  With one last goodbye, the Logans and their new charge stepped into the fireplace and disappeared in a flash of green flame.  Minh went in next, calling out for Domus Corvus Corax as she stepped in.  As soon as she disappeared from sight, the other four grabbed their trunks and pets, before apparating into the portkey room.     


Their first two weeks of the holidays passed rather quickly for the four time travellers.  They spent their days training with martial arts, swords, bows and arrows, and spells in the training room, making sure to maintain their skills.  In the evenings Harry, Ginny and Hermione would read books from the library or work on their own texts, while Ron could be found outside flying around the quidditch pitch.  Often Harry would join him after studying for a while as a way to relax before he went to bed.  

There had also been several Order meetings since they had arrived, mainly concerning the scattered members of Grindelwald's circle.  They occasionally went on raids, catching those bold enough to organise Muggle attacks and bringing most of them to justice.  Those who had so far eluded capture were all being systematically hunted down.  Harry always got frustrated when some of their enemies escaped, and he always took it out on Tom Riddle, sending wave after wave of pain through the Dark Mark.  The Boy-Who-Lived saw this as a form of justice after the painful visions he had to endure when Voldemort was feeling especially vindictive.

On their pre-arranged day, the four came down from their rooms in the morning dressed for an outing.  Minh followed soon after, and after a hearty breakfast in the ball room with some of the Order members, including Lolide and Gaerwyn, they left for Diagon Alley.

As they fell out of the fireplace at the Leaky Cauldron, they quickly spotted the Logans and Eustace sitting in a corner booth.  Making their way over, they exchanged pleasantries before heading out into the Alley with Eustace in tow.  Making their way over to Gringotts, Harry headed over to one of the goblins, as he had a request.

“ Um, excuse me.”

“ Yes,” the goblin said curtly.

“ I would like to change my account.

“ In what way?”

“ Well, I'm currently sharing a vault with my best friend, and I would like to put my gold in a different vault.”

“ That will be fine.  Is there anything else?”

“ Yes, the vault we have at the moment is constantly making money.  I need half of it to stay in that account and half to go into mine.”

“ Very well.  If you would come this way, I will take the details from you.”

Harry was led into a back office with the goblin, while everyone else went to get some money.  Half an hour later found them all back out on the street.  After looking in Quality Quidditch Supplies and several other shops, Harry came to a stop as they passed the entrance to Knockturn Alley.

“  Guys, is it alright is I leave you for a while?  I need to look for a few things down Knockturn Alley, and I doubt you'd want to come.”

“ Harry!  You shouldn't go down there!  You could be ambushed, or cursed…”

“ `Mione, I'll be fine.  I know more Dark Magic than most of the people down there put together.  I can take care of myself.”

“ Well, as long as you're careful…”

“ I will be, don't worry.”

“ We'll meet you at Florean's in two hours, mate.”

“ Sure, Ron.  That'll be enough time.”

As they parted, Ginny and Hermione couldn't help but send concerned glances after their friend as he sauntered down Knockturn Alley as if he belonged there, his black robes helping him to blend in quickly.  With a sigh, Hermione dragged the others over to the bookshop.

Harry made his way down the Dark wizard district, passing any number of strange creatures.  At one point a hag tried to mug him, but a well placed Dark curse sent her scuttling away.  Those in the street who had been watching Harry and thinking he didn't belong there quickly revised their opinions of him after that.  Heading to a shop about halfway down the alley that he had noticed in his own time, Harry went in and sat down to wait his turn behind two other wizards.  He had given it a lot of thought, and had decided to get a magical tattoo.  It was the reason he had wanted to come down Knockturn Alley, as he knew nowhere in Diagon Alley did tattoos.

Almost two hours later, Harry hurried out of the shop and made his way quickly to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour, knowing he was running late.  When he finally got there he went over to where his friends were sitting.  Ginny was the first to notice him, her eyes lighting up when she caught sight of him.

“ Harry!  There you are.  We were beginning to worry.”

“ Sorry, guys.  The shop I went in had a queue and I was in there a long time.”

“ What did you get, Harry,” Minh asked him.

“ I got a magical tattoo.”

“ Harry, you didn't!  Why would you want to permanently disfigure yourself like that?”

“ Well, if you must know `Mione, I got it on my back to hide the scars from where Grindelwald's followers peeled my skin off.”

“ Oh.”

“ What did you get?  Can we see?”  Eustace asked eagerly.

In reply, Harry turned around and waved his hand, turning the back of his robe transparent.  The group looked in awe at the detailed images that moved every now and again, showing they were truly magical.  In the centre of Harry's back was a large black raven, the symbol of Ravenclaw, which ruffled its feathers every now and again.  What was circling it, though, made everyone gasp in surprise and appreciation, Hermione whispering its name out loud.

“ Ouroboros.”

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