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Chapter Twenty-Four
Dumbledore Finds the Wands

“ Headmaster, it's been two months.  Are you sure you haven't heard anything?”

Minh and Eustace were sitting in Dumbledore's office at the end of May, trying to find out anything they could about their missing friends.  So far they had heard nothing, and were very worried.  Through Gaerwyn and Lolide they had gained inside information on the battle itself, but the elves weren't allowed to tell them anything discussed in Order meetings.  After two months with no results, they decided to go to the source.

“ I'm sorry you two, but I can't tell you anything because I don't know anything.”

“ Surely you have a lead, Professor.”

“ As far as I know, they could be dead.  The Order have been going on missions, searching in places they are likely to be, and our spies have been making enquiries, but it doesn't look hopeful.  On the first of June I'm calling off the search.  I know they are your friends, and they are valuable members of the Order, but we can't spend all of our time on the search and neglect other areas.  Grindelwald is still strong, and the Order needs to dedicate it's time to fighting him and his allies.”

“ But, Professor…”

“ I'm sorry, but that's my final word on the matter.”

The two students reluctantly stood and left the office, leaving the headmaster to his thoughts.  It had been a trying two months for the Order.  They knew that the people they lost were the most powerful in the group, and if they wanted to defeat the Dark Lord they needed them back.  However, Dumbledore was realising that finding them was like finding a needle in a haystack.  Despite the Order's efforts, they had found no clues as to where they had been taken.  The elves had even tried the location spell again, only to find that Harry and Ginny were still in Czechoslovakia, but Hermione and Ron had been moved to Poland.  Putting his head in his hands, Dumbledore let out a long sigh of defeat.


“ Well, what did he say?” Gallatea asked as soon as the two students went into Harry's room.

“ He wouldn't tell us anything except that they're calling off the search in two days time.”

“ But Eustace, they can't do that!  We have two Marauders missing; we'll lose our pranking power!”

“ Peeves!  Is that all you can think about?” Minh scorned.

“ Sorry, Minh,” the ghost said sheepishly, “ It's just my way of dealing, okay?”

“ S'k Peeves, we miss them too.  Dumbledore said that the Order hadn't heard anything, and their spies hadn't turned anything up.  It's looking hopeless.”

At this point Gallatea burst into tears, Minh following soon after.  They were both given hugs, the elf by Eustace and Gallatea by Peeves.  As they were starting to calm down, Peeves suddenly had a brainwave.  He had been thinking about the fun they had all had in the founders' age, when a little known fact about `Tea sprang to mind.

“ `Tea, can you still use your telepathy?”

“ Yes, I can.  Why?”

“ Can you use it to speak to any of the time travellers?”

“ I can try, but I'm not sure if I can do it.  Since I died, my power isn't as strong.  If the places they are being kept are heavily warded, I won't be able to get through.  If I'd been alive I would have been able to get through any wards, but I'll work with what I've got.”

The determined ghost motioned for silence and closed her eyes, concentrating hard.


Far away in rural Czechoslovakia, Harry was sitting in his cell, thinking over recent events when a sudden pain hit him in the back of his mind.  He grabbed his head and held it tight in his hands, waiting for it to stop.  After a few minutes, the pain receded and he tried to figure out what had happened.  It felt worse that his scar pains, but seemed as if it was someone trying hard to get into his mind, but wasn't successful.

“ Well, that was strange,” he muttered to himself as he tried to come up with an explanation.


A few minutes later, Ginny felt a tingling in the back of her scull.  Confused, she looked up from her position on the floor and scanned the room, to see if one of Grindelwald's followers had come in and cursed her while she was sleeping.  Seeing no-one there, she tried to come up with another explanation.  A few minutes later, the sensation went away, so she gave a mental shrug and decided to think about it later.


In Poland, Hermione was going about her business in the newly repaired crematorium.  She suddenly felt a presence in her head, and stopped what she was doing, curious as to what was going on.  Looking around to check for guards, she made her way to a quiet corner and sat down.  Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the presence.  After a few minutes she was about to give up when she heard a very faint voice calling out.


The sixteen year old smiled widely in both joy and relief, sending back her own greeting.

~Hello, `Tea.~


In Harry's room at Hogwarts, a smile suddenly spread itself across Gallatea's face, growing wider as her conversation with Hermione continued.  When she finally opened her eyes and looked at the hopeful and expectant faces, she let out a short laugh.

“ Well, what did you find out?  Did it work?” Peeves asked eagerly.

“ I'm afraid I wasn't able to get through to Ginny or Harry, but Hermione responded.  I know where she and Ron are.”

“ That's great!  Let's go to Dumbledore.”

“ Yes, I agree Eustace.  Let's go and see the old coot.”

With that, both students and spirits left the room and headed up to the headmaster's office.  Once they got there, they were most disappointed to see him absent.  Heading for the nearest Order member, Professor Sewell, they found her missing as well.  It suddenly occurred to them that a meeting must have been called.

“ We'll have to go there,” Minh announced.

“ How?  They have the meetings in Domus Corvus Corax.  We have no way of getting there,” Gallatea pointed out.  Eustace just smiled at his friend.

“ That won't be a problem.  You know how Hogwarts is on an internal floo system?  Well, Harry changed the wards in his room, so the fireplace is also connected to Raven House.  It's the only way to floo out of the school.  We won't have a problem, as the wards on Corvus Corax won't keep us out.  Once we're there, I'll reset the wards so we can portkey in if we have to.”

“ How do you know how to do that, Eustace?  Wards are very complex things to manipulate, and knowing Harry they'll be the most complex ones possible.”

“ Actually, they're quite easy to change, you just have to know how.  He thought the simpler the better.  They're booby trapped to prevent tampering of any kind, but if you know the trick to get around them, they can be changed in a matter of minutes.”

“ How do you know how to change them, though?”

“ When we went there at the end of the Christmas holidays, he gave us a tour and showed us the defences.  He explained it then, as he knew everyone there was trustworthy.”

“ Well, let's go then.  We'll see you in Harry's room,” Peeves said as he floated through the ceiling, `Tea close behind him.


Not long after Minh and Eustace had left him, Dumbledore came to a decision.  Getting out of his seat, he left his office and headed down to the Hogwarts gates, where he apparated out.  Moments later, he found himself in an alley looking out on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.  Striding over to the area of the battle, getting strange looks from the Muggles for his bright purple robes, he began to look for any clues the Order may have missed.  After the battle they had brought the bodies of the dead and injured back to Corvus Corax, and had picked up anything they thought might be bad for the Muggles to get hold of.  However, they hadn't searched everywhere.  When they were looking for the four missing students, they had carefully searched the area near where they had fallen, but they had not looked at the rest of the battle site in such detail.  This was what Dumbledore had decided to do now.  Looking around he couldn't see much of interest.  However, in an alleyway near where the Dementors had been he found something important that everyone had missed.  He immediately sent out the call for a meeting, for in his hand he held four wands.


As soon as they were all in Harry's room, Minh picked up a handful of floo powder and threw it in the fire.  Stepping into the green flames, she called out `Corvus Corax' and disappeared into the floo network.  Eustace followed right behind her, tumbling onto the floor on the other side.  Dusting himself off, he started to change the wards to allow the ghosts to enter.  The wards had been set to allow any living person to come through the floo network, as this was the way that new recruits were brought, but the same didn't apply to ghosts.  That was why he had to change the wards.  A few minutes later, the fireplace glowed blue for a few seconds, before the flames turned green and the two ghosts came through, Peeves having thrown the floo powder in the fire.

“ I don't see why we couldn't just fly here,” Gallatea complained, “ I hate travelling by floo.”

“ We needed to get here quickly, and if you two had come your way, it would have taken a while,” Eustace pointed out.

The group moved out of the entrance hall and headed over to the ball room, the two ghosts looking around at the place in awe.  When they went in to the Order conference room, as it had been renamed, all of the people around the big table turned to look at the new arrivals.  Before anyone could say anything, Gallatea moved forward to tell them the news.

“ I know where Hermione and Ron are.”

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