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Chapter Twenty-Two
Slytherin versus Gryffindor

Harry stared back at the three like a deer caught in headlights.  He didn't know what to tell them, and he couldn't tell them too much without revealing things about the future.  Things that, if divulged, could seriously alter time.  How could he tell them that Wormtail would eventually betray them to their worst enemy?  How could he tell them that everyone had assumed it was Sirius?  When he thought about it, this might very well be the event that made Sirius look suspicious.  After all, Remus, James and Lily were all Order members, and he wasn't.  But neither was Peter.  On the other hand, the fact that Peter was never asked could have been attributed to his weakness as a wizard.  They were still looking at him, though, and he had to say something.

“ They didn't meet our requirements.”

“ In what way?” Remus asked, “ If I , a werewolf, could be chosen, then surely they could have been too.”

“ Remus, your lycanthropy was never an issue.  In the Order, we don't discriminate against non-humans.  We have all sorts in our ranks.  Werewolves, veela, vampires like me, and even elves.”

“ Elves!” Lily gasped.

“ Yes, elves.  I asked them to join, actually.  The fact that you were a werewolf wasn't even considered.  We trust you, that's all that matters.”

Tears welled in Remus' eyes as he realised that the Order didn't care about his condition.  He was wanted for who he was, and not what he was.  James smiled at his friend, and Lily gave him a hug.  All too soon, though, they turned back to Harry with determined looks on their faces.

“ So, you never explained why Siri and Peter aren't here,” James accused.

“ Look, it's not my fault,” Harry defended, “ I just suggested the test, I didn't write it.”

“ What do you mean?” Remus asked.

“ You know the test you took earlier in the week?  That was really to test the loyalties of the students.  It would tell us who was a potential Death Eater, and who was a potential Order member.  Anyone who didn't fit into either of the distinct categories was disregarded.  I'm not saying that they are evil, or Voldemort supporters, I'm just saying that their loyalty to the Order was not guaranteed.  This included anyone who came from a Light or Dark family but did not want to choose a side, anyone wanting to remain neutral.  Also, anyone who had chosen a side but would not commit exclusively to one cause.  I'm not calling your friends untrustworthy.  All I'm saying is that their commitment to the Order was not guaranteed, and we saw that from the tests.”

“ But the tests were a load of nonsense.” James exclaimed.

“ Have you ever heard of the Hollerith Electric Tabulating System?”

Lily's eyes widened in recognition.

“ That's the thing used in a census.  With cards and holes.”

“ Yes, that's right.  We modified it, obviously, but the basic principal remained the same.  By asking a series of seemingly random questions, we could determine everyone's loyalty just by the combinations of answers they gave.  After all, what Death Eater would admit to using rose scented bubble bath?  They would obviously go for pine if they had to give an answer.”

The other three stared at him in utter disbelief.  The fact that their choice in bubble bath had determined their entry into the Order was a little beyond their comprehension.

“ I still don't get it,” James said.

“ You don't have to understand it, just accept it,” Harry sighed, “ Trust me, we made sure the tests were foolproof.  Maybe when they are older, and know better what they want to do with their lives, they will be asked to join the Order.  After all, the tests will be conducted every year from now on.  They may get in next year, or the year after.  I mean, you three were lucky to be asked, being so young.  We usually only accept sixth and seventh years, but this time we made an exception.”

“ You're sure we can't tell them anything about this?” Lily asked.

“ I'm sorry, Lil, but it's a matter of security.  The spell I placed on you is unbreakable.  Even I can't reverse it.  You'll just have to learn to make excuses for when you have to come to meetings.”

“ That's easier said than done, Harry,” James explained, “ Sirius is like a brother to me.  We share everything.  He won't like me having secrets.”

“ I really am sorry.  But you've made your choice, and I know for a fact that both your parents will be proud that you decided to join.  I've known them both for a long time, and they are very important to me.”

“ I never realised you knew my parents that well.  I knew you'd met them, but are you really such close friend?”

“ The best.”

“ Can I talk to them about this?”

“ Of course.  You can discuss things about the Order with other members, just not with anyone else.”

“ Ok, I guess we'd better head back to school.”

“ Yeah,” Lily agreed, “ I have an Arithmancy paper I need to finish.”

 “ And you need to get some sleep, James,” Harry said with a smirk, “ After all, Slytherin is playing Gryffindor tomorrow, and we wouldn't want you falling off your broom now, would we.”


The next morning, Harry woke with a start when he heard a frantic banging on his door.  Looking at his clock, he saw it read `way too early - go back to sleep' and let out a loud groan.  Leaping out of bed, he walked across the room and pulled the door open forcefully, a scowl in place and his fangs bared.  Sev took a nervous step back when he saw his friend.  Harry relaxed when he saw who it was, moving aside and holding the door open.  As soon as Sev stepped inside, Harry slammed the door behind him.

“ What sort of time do you call this?!  The sun isn't even up!”

“ I'm sorry, Harry.  I'm just nervous.”

“ We've already played Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, Sev.  It can't be just jitters.”

“ It's because we're facing Gryffindor.  You know Potter and Black have it in for me.”

“ Sev, tell me the truth.  It can't be just because we're playing Gryffindor.  Ravenclaw had as good a team as they do, and we beat them.  And I'm sure James and Sirius will behave themselves.  If they don't, they'll have me to answer to.”

Sev hung his head and let out a loud sigh.  After a moment he looked up and into his friend's eyes.

“ My father's coming to watch,” he whispered.

Harry immediately understood.  Satanus Snape would want to see his son play well and beat Slytherin's greatest rivals.  If their House lost today, Sev would suffer badly for it.  A wave of determination welled up in Harry and he put a protective hand around his friend's shoulders.

“ Then we'll have to make sure we win.  Don't worry, Sev, I won't let them beat us.”

“ Thanks, Harry.”

“ What are friends for?  Now, it's way too early to be getting up.  If we don't get some more sleep, we'll be dozing off on our brooms, and that wouldn't help Slytherin's chances any.”

“ I guess so.  Sorry for waking you.”

“ It's alright.  Go back to bed.  I'll see you at breakfast.”

Sev did as was asked of him, closing the door quietly behind him.  Harry let out a big sigh before crawling back into bed.  Closing his eyes, he willed sleep to come, but instead lay awake until dawn.


Harry walked into the Great Hall the following morning dressed in his green and silver quidditch robes.  Spotting a dejected looking Severus sitting at the end of the Slytherin table, he made his way over and shoved a plate of food in front of his friend's nose.  Sev recoiled at the smell and wrinkled his nose in disgust.

“ I'm not hungry,” he muttered.

“ I don't care.  You're not going out there until you eat something.  I won't have you embarrassing yourself in front of your father by fainting in the middle of the match.  You'd never live it down.  Literally.”

“ I know.  I just don't think I can stomach anything right now.”

Harry looked around the Hall to make sure no-one was paying them any attention before waving his hand slightly over Sev's head.  The younger boy immediately relaxed and started to breathe more steadily.  Harry smiled, glad that his calming charm worked.  It would soon wear off, but at least it would give the fifth year the chance to get some breakfast in him.  Sev smiled up at Harry, and reached for the plate in front of him.  Halfway through his meal, he stopped dead when he saw James, clad in his scarlet and gold quidditch robes and with Sirius by his side, walking across the Hall towards them.

“ Well, I guess this is the big one,” James started, “ You do realise we are definitely going to win this one.”

“ What makes you so sure, James.”

“ Because we have the better team, Harry.”

“ Really?  I believe we both beat Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw by a long shot.  You have no proof that you are better.”

“ Of course we're better,” Sirius claimed, “ We're Gryffindors.”

Harry shook his head sadly.  Despite his best efforts over the course of the year, he realised he would never break Sirius' mentality that Gryffindor was by far the most superior of all the Hogwarts Houses.  It was something about his godfather that would never change.

“ We'll see about that, Sirius.  We'll see about that.”

Just then, the doors of the Great Hall burst open and three figures strode in.  One stood slightly to one side, a scowl on his face and his arms crossed.  He glared at the gawping students and stood up straighter, trying to make himself look as intimidating as possible.  The other two were tall, elegant women, with warm smiles and caring eyes.  James and Harry immediately brightened when they saw the pair, while Sev shrank back at the appearance of the man.

“ Gaerwyn!  Lolide!”  Harry shouted, running over to meet his friends.  James was not far behind him.

“ Aunt Lolide!  Grandma!”

Most of the students gave James enquiring looks when he called the young woman `grandma'.  She didn't look old enough to be his mother, let alone his grandmother.  James ignored the whispering and embraced the two women, Harry copying his actions straight afterwards.  Gaerwyn and Lolide beamed at the two boys, the younger sister giving the sixth year an extra long squeeze.  She had missed Harry a great deal, and was pleased to see him again.  Although she had been around during the creation of the tests, neither she nor her sister had found much time to spend with him.  

“ It's so wonderful to see you both again!  We heard you were playing each other in a quidditch match, and thought it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for us, so we decided to come.”

“ We wouldn't miss it for the world,” Lolide agreed.

Both boys grinned at the two elves.  After a few more minutes of chatter, Dumbledore stood up to address everyone.

“ Well, it seems we have some guests with us today, no doubt to watch our last quidditch match of the season.  If you would all like to make your way down to the stadium, we can get the match underway.”

Harry have Gaerwyn and Lolide a last squeeze before heading back to the Slytherin table to gather Sev before the pair headed down to the quidditch pitch.  As soon as they reached the changing rooms, Harry walked off a little from the others and pulled out a jar of a clear potion from his pocket.  Taking off the lid, he dipped his hand in and started spreading it liberally on his exposed skin.  The potion was one of his own concoctions, and allowed him to play quidditch in the strong sunlight without his skin burning too badly.  He had to reapply it regularly, but it did the trick.  After the Slytherin captain gave the standard speech to the rest of the team, they prepared to walk out onto the pitch.  Harry was the last in the line, and before he walked out of the door, he felt the soft echo of a touch on his arm.  Looking down, he saw Gallatea's transparent hand resting there.  Looking up into her eyes, he gave her a brilliant smile.  She grinned back at him and nodded towards the door.

“ Knock `em dead.”

“ I intend to,” he retorted.

With one last look at his love, he walked out into the April sunlight and squinted across the pitch to where his fellow teammates were waiting.  Mounting his broom, he kicked off from the ground and made a couple of laps of the pitch before settling into his position.  He listened as Sirius, the current commentator, announced him.

“ And last we have Harry Anguifer, the Slytherin Seeker.  Better late than never, I suppose.  And our referee for the match will be the lovely Minh Potter, our very own Mediwitch, and Gryffindor Chaser James Potter's mother.  Hopefully this will give Gryffindor the win they deserve…”


“ Sorry Professor McGonagall.”

“ You will be, Black.”

“ Erm…yes, anyway, the balls are released and the game begins!”

Harry flew high above the stadium, eyes peeled for the elusive snitch.  He knew Sev would be getting nervous by now, and he wanted to end the game as soon as possible.  The Gryffindor team was good, but fortunately for Harry their Seeker was their weakest link.  If Harry could see the snitch soon, he could avoid the Gryffindor Chasers getting too many goals.  He knew from previous matches that his father was a superb Chaser, and with the state Sev was in at the moment, the game could easily go in Gryffindor's favour.

“ And Potter moves down the field, with Snape hot on his heels.  Not that the slimy git has a chance…”


“ Sorry, Professor.  Anyway, Potter takes the shot and GRYFFINDOR SCORE!  TEN POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR.”

Harry circled the field, keeping his eyes peeled for a glint of gold.  Flying past the teachers' box, he saw the sour face of Satanus Snape riveted on his son with clear disappointment in his eyes.  Next to him the two elves looked at James in a way completely opposite to the Death Eater.  They looked proud.  Swerving to avoid a bludger, Harry started to have an idea.  Flying a little bit lower, he managed to get a bludger on his tail.  It followed him as he made a bee line for the teachers' box and Satanus Snape.  The man didn't notice the Seeker speeding towards him until it was too late.  Harry swerved up at the last minute, and the heavy black ball carried on, smashing into the startled Snape.  

“ And Harry Anguifer takes out one of our distinguished guests in a daring move.  GO HARRY!”


“ Sorry.  And in the aftermath of that wonderful piece of strategy by Anguifer, Snape Junior takes the quaffle…and…and…TEN POINTS TO SLYTHERIN!”

Harry beamed at Sev as he flew past, and the younger boy sent him a grateful look.  Without the disapproving gaze of his father bearing down on him, the boy would now be able to play much better.  With a quick twirl in the air, he snatched the quaffle again and sped back towards the Gryffindor goal hoops.  Ten minutes later, Slytherin were tied with Gryffindor, and the match was heating up.  Both sides were using dirty tricks to gain an advantage, and Harry was shocked when he saw his father trying to kick Sev from his broom.  Flying at them from above, he knocked James out of the way, sending the Gryffindor spinning off at an angle.  It took him a few minutes to regain control of his broom, which was enough time for Slytherin to score another two goals.  Looking around him, Harry could see that the match was getting rather violent, and decided it was time to end it.  Circling a couple of times, he looked hard for the glint that could end the game for him.  Eventually, he spotted it right above the Gryffindor Seeker's head.  He had a flashback of his second year at Hogwarts, when the same thing had happened with Malfoy.  Heading straight for the other player, the Gryffindor Seeker swerved at the last minute as Harry sped overhead.  Flying over to the teachers' box, he held the fluttering golden ball high in the air and let out a cry of joy.

“ And Anguifer gets the snitch,” Sirius said in a dejected tone, “ Slytherin win 210 - 80.”

Harry looked over to the rest of the team, who were flying over to congratulate him.  As they landed and walked into the teachers' box to collect the quidditch cup, Harry spotted Gaerwyn and Lolide standing at the edge of the crowd, clapping hard and with proud grins on their faces.  Harry smiled back and turned to Sev, who was standing next to him in a daze.  He gave his friend a nudge to gain his attention and beamed at him.

“ We did it, Sev.  We beat Gryffindor.”

“ I know, Harry.  I can't believe it!”

“ I know.  But we've done it!  We've won the quidditch cup!”

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