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Chapter Twenty-Seven
The Big Prank and the Leaving Feast

By the end of the exam period, Harry was beyond despair.  Sev had turned into a nervous wreck, despite the fact that he had obviously done well in all of his exams.  Remus was still miserable, even though it had been several weeks since the Whomping Willow incident.  Sirius was wisely avoiding Harry, something the older boy was grateful for.  He knew that if he ever met Sirius alone, they would come to blows.  He had meant every word he had said to both his godfather and his father the night of the attack.  He wasn't impressed with the way the Gryffindor had behaved, and their relationship at the moment was strained at best.  He dreaded going back to his own time, something the other time travellers couldn't identify with.  They couldn't wait to see their families again, but Harry didn't know what he would say to his godfather when he saw him again.  Although he logically knew that the man who had escaped Azkaban was very different from the carefree boy he knew now, he knew that what he had with Sirius before he left would never be the same.  

Perhaps the most disturbing thing was that Lily and James still weren't speaking to each other.  Harry had tried a few times to interfere, but Ron had always stopped him.  The green eyed boy was beyond despair.  Seeing his parents fighting like this was killing him inside, and there was nothing he could do about it.  Logically, he knew that he shouldn't mess with their lives, but the temptation was too great.  Eventually, a week after the exams had finished, and two days before the end of term, he decided to stop listening to Ron and speak to them anyway.  He only had two more full days to see his parents alive and well, and he didn't intend to waste a moment.

At breakfast the morning of the second to last day, two owls headed down to opposite ends of the Gryffindor table, each taking a note to one to Harry's parents.  The boy himself watched intently from the Slytherin table as Lily and James opened their notes and read them over carefully, each sending Harry a look across the Great Hall and nodding their heads slightly.  Harry smiled back, and stood to exit the Hall, heading to a deserted classroom on the Charms corridor.  Walking over to one of the windows, he watched the squid progressing across the surface of the lake as he waited.  It didn't take long for Lily to knock tentatively on the door and come into the classroom.

“ Harry?”

“ Hello, Lily.  How are you doing?”

“ I'm fine, Harry, but I'm a bit confused.  Why did you ask me here?”

“ If you wait for a few minutes more you'll find out.  I have something very important to discuss with you, and it can't wait.”

Just then, there was another knock on the door, and James poked his head in.

“ Harry?  What's going on?” he said, before spotting Lily sitting in one of the chairs, “ What's Lily doing here?”

“ James, come in,” Harry said, “ We have some talking to do.  All of us.”

James and Lily both gave Harry strange looks, glancing at each other in confusion.  After a few moments, James reluctantly stepped inside the classroom, closing the door behind him.  He jumped a little when Harry, with a simple hand gesture, bolted the door behind him with a loud bang and threw up a silencing charm.

“ Sit down, James, this could take a while.  Firstly, there is something I would like to tell you.  You see, I'm leaving soon, which means I won't be coming back next year.  In fact, you won't see me again for a long time, and even then I'll be…different.  The thing is, we only have two more days together, and I don't want to waste a minute of it.  The problem is, it's kind of difficult to spend time with both of you when you're not speaking to each other.”

“ Why didn't you tell us before that you were leaving?  Where are you going?  Why can't we see you again?  Does anyone else know about this?” Lily asked, distressed.  Over the months she had known him, she had grown to appreciate Harry as a friend.  He was very resourceful and brave, a perfect balance between Gryffindor and Slytherin.  Harry looked back at her, a sorrowful look on his face, and tears pooled in her eyes.

“ I didn't tell you because I didn't want to worry you.  I'm really going to miss you, more than you will ever know, and telling you would have made the whole thing seem more real.  More imminent.  I wanted to put it off as long as possible.  The only other person who knows that I am leaving is Sev, and he doesn't know when I'm going.  As for where, that's something I can't tell you yet.  I'll tell you on the first of September, I promise.  If you come to the school early, instead of getting the Hogwarts express, I'll tell you then.  I'll leave from here before the train gets in, and I want to see you one last time.  Can you do that for me?”

Both of the fifth years nodded their heads slowly, taking in everything Harry was saying.

“ That's good.  Now, the main reason I called you both here together was to talk about your break up.”

“ Harry, that's our business.  You shouldn't get involved,” Lily said.

“ Lily, I'm sorry, but it is my business.  I know the whole thing is centred on the events of the last full moon.  From what I have gathered from Ron, you argued about Sirius.  The whole thing was about my friend, and Sirius' stupidity.  You can't say that I'm not involved.  Also, it's in my best interests that you get back together.”

“ Why?”

“ James, I'll answer that question on September 1st.  I really don't want to go into it just yet.”

“ Alright, if you say so, Harry.”

“ I do.  Now, I want you two to sort out your differences.  I have locked the door, and placed silencing charms on the room, and I am not letting you out of here until you are together again.”

“ But, Harry, you can't force us to be together,” his mother protested.

“ I'm not forcing you to do anything you don't want.  I know for a fact that you love each other, and I have seen for myself how miserable the last few weeks have been for the both of you.  I have watched you across the Great Hall, pretending that everything is alright, but in your eyes I could see that it was tearing you apart.  Lily, I know you don't agree with James' choice to support his friend when he is obviously in the wrong.  But you have to see that it shows James' loyalty to his friends, no matter what, and not his disloyalty to right and wrong.  Sirius was in the wrong, but James is giving him another chance, because he is his friend.  Much like I did when I found out Sev had been given the Dark Mark.  If I hadn't, we wouldn't have a spy in Voldemort's ranks.  Sirius is not a bad person, really, just immature and rash, making some of his decisions less than wise.  I know deep down he is not a malicious person.  He was acting on a childish grudge, and it had consequences he had not fully considered.”

“ But Harry, I don't agree with what Sirius did, no matter the consequences it had.  The fact that James is choosing him over me in this doesn't sit well with me.”

“ James isn't choosing Sirius over you.  He's doing what he thinks is right, which is exactly what you are doing.  You just don't happen to agree with each other.  That's the problem.  What you have to do is realise that you are both going to have differences in opinion, everybody does, but you can't let that tear you apart.  We all disagree, it would be a boring world if we didn't, but you have to learn to compromise.  Lily, you don't think that James is right to support Sirius, but James is showing fierce loyalty to a friend.  Instead of condemning him for the reasoning behind it, you should be admiring the act itself.  Not many people are so close that they would stick together through anything, and loyalty such as James is showing Sirius is admirable.  Don't condemn him for it.  Show him an equal amount of loyalty and your relationship will grow stronger for it.  Trust me, I know.”

James and Lily stared at the Slytherin, mouths agape.  What Harry said to them made sense, but was something they had never considered before.  It took a few minutes for all of the information to sink in, but when it did, the pair looked at each other, smiled, and embraced.  Harry watched in satisfaction as the two clung to each other for what seemed like an eternity.  When they finally broke apart, they both had tears in their eyes.

“ I'm so sorry, James, I should have been more understanding,” Lily said in a teary voice.

“ I'm sorry too.  I've been a prat.  But you should know that I would never choose Sirius over you.  Never.  He may be like a brother to me, but you are the woman I love, and I never want us to be apart again.”

As the couple both leant in to kiss, a grinning Harry let down the spells on the door and quietly slipped out of the room.


At lunch, when James and Lily came into the Great Hall hand in hand, most of the students started to cheer.  The Gryffindors were being especially loud, as the atmosphere in their Tower had been frosty over the last few weeks.  They were relieved that things would finally be able to get back to normal.  Even some of the teachers were clapping, most obviously Dumbledore and McGonagall.  They were both rather fond of the two Gryffindors, and were pleased to see them happy again.

Over at the Slytherin table, most people were glaring in the Gryffindors' direction.  Harry, though, had a huge smirk on his face.  His eyes met Ron's across the room, and he let out a little wave as his best friend sent him a pointed look.  Ron didn't look about to protest, though, as like most of the rest of the school he was pleased to see them together again.   With a grin, Harry sent Ron a mental message.

~Did I do good?~

~Harry!  I told you not to interfere, didn't I?~

~Did it work?~

~Well, yes, but that's not the point…~

~Isn't it?  I thought the idea was for my parents to live happily ever after, and eventually have me~

~Yes, but I'm sure they would have gotten back together on their own~

~Really?  They seemed pretty mad at each other when I spoke to them.  They understand things a bit better now, though.  Everything will be alright~

~It had better be, because messing with the timeline would be really bad~

~Ron, I know she's your girlfriend, but I think you've been spending too much time with Hermione.  You're starting to sound like her~


~It's true!  Anyway, there's something I want to discuss with you, but hang on a minute.  I want to bring a few more people into the conversation~

Harry closed his eyes at this point and concentrated hard.  He wanted to bring a lot of people into the mental link, and it took a lot more work than having a one on one conversation.  Slowly but surely, he connected the rest of the time travellers, the Marauders and Lily, but excluding Sirius and Peter, as well as Sev, Peeves, Gallatea and the Potters.  When he was done, he started to tell his plan.

~Everyone, I have an idea, but I need a lot of people to pull it off.  Are any of you interested in pulling one final prank?  At least while we, Ron, Ginny, Hermione and I, are here.  A prank to end all pranks.  The ultimate prank.  Anybody who is interested, meet me in my secret room after dinner tonight~

His message sent, Harry closed the link and sighed in relief.  He hated having such large mind links open at once, as it took a lot of energy.  Staring of into space, he thought over his plan one more time.  It was perfect.  He wanted something to be remembered for, and this was it.  The ultimate prank.  It was time to bring chaos to Hogwarts.


Harry was pleased as the door to his room opened and people started to walk in.  He was rather surprised to see Hermione walking next to Ron, and sent her a little smile.  Eventually, the only ones missing were Sev and the ghosts.  The latter floated through the wall several minutes later, closely followed by Sev, who had created a door from his dorm room.  Once everyone was seated, or floating in `Tea and Peeves' case, Harry started to pace back and forth in front of them.

“ I have asked you all here to help me with a prank.  I know you all love pranks, with the exception of Hermione, and I think if we work together on this, we can make it something truly memorable.  Minh, Eustace, I know you are supposed to be responsible adults and all that, but I thought you might want to be in on this.”

“ I'm in,” Eustace said immediately.

“ Me too,” Minh seconded, “ You know I would never pass up the chance to cause some mischief.”

“ That's good.  Now, I have really thought this out, and for it to work well, we are all going to have to work together.  Peeves, I know you have had nearly a thousand years of pulling pranks by yourself, but I really need you for this.”

“ Once a Marauder, always a Marauder,” Peeves claimed proudly, “ I'm in.  Just tell me what you want.”

“ The same goes for me,” Gallatea said.

Harry turned to the Gryffindors, and gave them a searching look, especially James.

“ Are you lot going to be able to work with Sev?  I need his help for this.  He's a key.  Can you manage?”

“ Yes,” James said, the others nodding in agreement.  Harry smiled in relief.

“ Thank you.  Now that we have that out of the way, here's the plan.  A few months ago I played this really good prank on the Slytherins…


At the leaving feast two days later, all of the students and teachers entered the Great Hall and took their places at their tables.  No-one seemed to notice that some of the students and one of the mediwitches weren't real.  They were made entirely of light, but were charmed to look and act just like the real thing.  It was a spell Harry had developed to cover up the absence of the pranksters from the feast, thus saving them from losing last minute House points.  Before the food appeared, Dumbledore stood to give his usual speech.

“ Ladies, gentlemen, teachers, students and ghosts, we have all enjoyed another year at Hogwarts, but alas it has to come to a close, as all good things do.  This year has been rather exciting for all of us, but now it is time for you all to go home and empty your heads of everything you have learned.  I would like to wish the seventh years luck in their futures, and hope they make the right choices in life.  I would also like to warn you all to be careful in these dark times.  Lord Voldemort is powerful, and shows no mercy.  If you come across him or his Death Eaters this summer, don't try and be brave.  Run, if it is possible to do so.  On a lighter note, congratulations to Slytherin, who have not only won the Quidditch Cup, and you surely all know, but have also beaten the other Houses in winning the House Cup.  Well done Slytherin!  Now, I'm sure you are all hungry, so tuck in!”

With a clap of the headmaster's hands, the food appeared on the tables and everyone started to pile it onto their plates.  The chatter was loud, and everyone seemed to be having a good time until a loud knock startled everyone out of their conversations.  Students and teachers alike turned their attention to the doors, which were still vibrating from the impact.  As they watched, another loud thump hit them, making nearly everyone jump in surprise.  The younger students and the teachers started to get a little nervous after the third time, and the older students and Order members were drawing their wands in readiness for whatever might happen.  Just then, another blow hit the doors, knocking them open.

Students and teachers alike began to panic when black clad figures started to enter the Hall and spread out around the room.  Most of the students screamed, though, when the last figure walked in.  Tall and imposing, with black robes, alabaster skin and glowing red eyes, Lord Voldemort smirked and looked around the room at all of the terrified faces.  He looked up at a concerned looking Dumbledore, catching his eye.  The headmaster looked startled when the Dark Lord winked at him and smiled, a faint lightning bolt appearing on his forehead for a few seconds.  The professor immediately relaxed, relief colouring his eyes.  Most of the people in the Great Hall who noticed the image would never have been able to make the connection.  While Harry had left his scar visible in 1943 and 1944, he thought the seventies was too close to his own time to risk it, and had concealed it.  Only those who had known him in the forties would understand.  Some of the older teachers lowered their wands as well, indicating to the younger ones to do likewise.  This done, the headmaster relaxed and sat back to enjoy the show.  If Harry was going to this much trouble, and risking being hexed by the entire Hogwarts population, it must be worth it.

As soon as the headmaster relaxed, Harry grinned widely, gesturing for the `Death Eaters' to encircle the students and teachers fully.  He then raised both arms high in the air and lowered them quickly, a signal for two figures to walk through the doors behind him.  The temperature in the Great Hall dropped suddenly and people became concerned when the flowing robes of the figures fell from their heads, revealing the disfigured and rotting faces of Dementors.  Harry grinned and began to address his audience.

“ Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself.  I am Lord Voldemort, and will be your host for the evening.  Now, I want everyone to say `hello'.”


“ Come on, you can do it.  Do I have to get nasty?”

This got a response.  The frightened students chorused `hello You-Know-Who'.  Harry grinned broadly, the malicious part of his nature urging him to torture them just a little.

“ I'm afraid I don't know who.  You'll have to be more specific.  One more time, please.”

No-one said anything.  A frown marred the deathly pale skin of Harry's forehead.

“ Do I have to use an Unforgivable?”

“ Hello Lord V-voldemort,” the students stuttered.  Harry looked up at Dumbledore and was pleased to see amusement in the headmaster's eyes.  He was enjoying this as much as Harry was.

“ That's much better.  But I don't think you are showing me the proper respect.”

With a gesture of Harry's skeletal hand, the students felt themselves getting to the floor and kneeling before the tall figure.  The Boy-Who-Lived grinned at this, showing off a row of brilliantly white teeth.

“ Thank you, I like you looking so compliant.  Dementors!”

The two `Dementors' floated forward, coming to a stop next to `Voldemort'.

“ I would like you to go through the crowd and choose two people at random and bring them here.”

The students recoiled at this news, each starting to back away and hide behind each other, but they soon realised they had run into the circle of masked wizards around them.  They were stuck in the middle, with Death Eaters behind them and Dementors in front of them.  The two floating beings reached the lines of children, pointing at people, seemingly at random, appearing to be silently discussing their choice.  As they passed, the humans felt a cold chill filling them; seeping into their bones and making them shudder violently.  Eventually, two students stood before the Dark Lord, quaking in their boots.  Lucius Malfoy immediately dropped to his knees and started to grovel.  Sirius Black drew his wand and tried to hex the man in front of him, only to find his spell bouncing off a powerful shield and flying off at a tangent.  With a wave of Harry's hand, his wand flew into the air and was neatly attached to the roof of the Great Hall.  Sirius gaped in the direction it had flown, before becoming angry at `Voldemort'.

“ You bastard!  What did you do that for?”

Most of the people in the Great Hall gasped at his outburst, and held their breath in anticipation of what would happen to the Gryffindor.  Sirius, realising that he had apparently talked back to the Dark Lord, started to back away.  Another gesture secured him to the spot, making him even more afraid.

“ Now, now, we can't have that, can we?  You will show me some respect, or you will not live to see the end of the day.  I will release you now, but I expect you to do as I command.  Do you understand?”

“ Yes.”

“ Yes what

“ Yes, Sir?”

“ Not good enough.”

“ Yes, Voldemort?”

“ Even worse.”

“ Yes, My Lord.”

“ Much better, thank you.”

Sirius bowed his head in shame at having to call the creature before him `my Lord'.  He had fought all of his life against the Dark members of his family, wanting to secure his position on the Light side.  To say such a thing to the evil wizard in front of the whole school was the ultimate humiliation.  Harry was grinning inside, knowing that this had to be killing Sirius.  This part of the plan had been Sev's idea, his own way of getting back at the boy who had tried to kill him.  After a moment of letting the two unfortunate students in front of him squirm a little, Harry gestured one of his black clad helpers forward.

“ I would like to perform a little test.  If you would?”

Sev pulled the sleeve of his robe up and revealed the Dark Mark burned into his skin.  Some of the teachers leapt to their feet when they saw this, drawing their wands and pointing them at the Death Eater.  Harry wandlessly summoned their wands, and stuck them to the ceiling next to Sirius'.  They gaped at their disappearing wands, and at the figure that had performed such a powerful summoning spell without his own wand.  They knew that not even Dumbledore was capable of such strong wandless magic.  Harry just smirked before holding his finger over Sev's Dark Mark.  He threw a glance at the headmaster, who realised what he was going to do and nodded almost imperceptibly.  As soon as Harry saw this, he touched Sev's Mark, using his connection to Voldemort through the Dark Lord's Mark to call the Death Eaters.  Harry had thought this an ingenious part of his plan.  Not only would the real Death Eaters get in trouble when they all turned up at Voldemort's headquarters for a nonexistent meeting, but it would also reveal to Dumbledore all of the Death Eaters amongst the Hogwarts population.  Sure enough, as the call went out, about a dozen of the students, most of which were Slytherin seventh years, clutched their arms briefly.  Looking up at Dumbledore, Harry saw the headmaster nod back to him.  He had seen who had reacted, and would pay close attention to them in the future.  Grinning, Harry turned back to the students and waited as a few answered the call and came to his side.  Once it was obvious that no others were going to come forward, he turned to those who had, his face immediately twisting in anger.

“ You idiots

The Death Eater children glanced at each other in worry, none realising what they had done until Harry continued.

“ How dare you reveal yourselves?  In front of at least a dozen Order of the Phoenix members, no less?  That was a test of your loyalty, and you have all failed!  Sit down, now.  I will punish you later.  As for you two,” he said, pointing at the students picked out by the `Dementors', “ Come forward and show me your arms.”

The pair did as asked, the only one not shaking being Lucius.  As soon as Harry saw the Dark Mark on his arm, he waved his hand in dismissal and gestured for the next person to come forward.  Sirius stepped forward, a look of trepidation on his face.  Harry roughly grabbed his arm and sent an amused look to Sev, who was still stood by his side, his face covered by his Death Eater mask.  Harry knew he was enjoying this, though.  His body language screamed of titillation.  Harry turned back to his worried looking godfather and wrapped his hand around his arm, clearly enunciating a spell.

“ Morsmordre.”

Sirius screamed as pain shot through his arm.  Dumbledore leapt to his feet, a look of concern on his face.  Harry stared him down, sending him a quick mental message.

~It's alright.  I'm just teaching him a lesson.  I'll remove it when I'm finished~

~I hope you do Harry, for your sake, I hope you do~

Sirius stood frozen in shock, cradling his arm and glaring slightly at his new master.  Harry smirked and raised his hand.  The scattered `Death Eaters' moved from their positions around the room and gathered behind him, standing strategically with some to his left and some to his right.  It was time for the fun to begin.

“ Sirius Black, I believe it is time for you to learn what it is to be one of my loyal Death Eaters.  My servants will now educate you.  Minions?  Take it away!”

The `Dementors' had floated away unnoticed towards the ceiling, and were hiding in the rafters.  Peeves activated some charms Harry had set up at lunch and soft music began to fill the Hall. Students and teachers alike stared in disbelief as the `Death Eaters' began to sway from side to side in perfect time.  It was obvious this had been well rehearsed.  As one, they began to sing, the sound echoing around the Great Hall and reaching everyone's ears.

“ I will follow him,
  Follow him wherever he may go.
  And near him I always will be,
  For nothing can keep me away.
  He is my destiny.

  I will follow him.
  Ever since he touched my heart I knew.
  There isn't an ocean too deep,
  A mountain so high it can keep,
  Keep me away.
  Away from his love.”

The music suddenly sped up and the `Death Eaters' started to sing and dance in earnest, leaping about behind `Voldemort' like something out of a musical stage show.  All the people in the Hall could do was watch in bemusement.

“ I love him, I love him, I love him,
  And where he goes I'll follow, I'll follow, I'll follow.”

Minh stepped forward at this point and stood next to Harry, singing a solo.

“ I will follow him,
  Follow him wherever he may go
  There isn't an ocean too deep,
  A mountain so high it can keep,
  Keep me away.”

Everyone joined in for the next part, joining hands and dancing in a circle around Harry.  Sirius was simply stood there in front of them, watching the proceedings in horror.

“ We will follow him,
  Follow him.
  Follow him wherever he may go.
  There isn't an ocean too deep,
  A mountain so high it can keep,
  Keep us away.
  Away from his love.”

Ginny took centre stage this time, backed up by the rest of them.  As she danced, she moved suggestively against Harry, something they hadn't planned in rehearsals.  Harry started to blush furiously, and quickly threw up a concealing charm to hide it.

“ Oh, yeah,
  Oh yes I love him,
  (I'll follow)
  I'm gonna follow
  (True love)
  He'll always be my true love
  From now until forever.”
  I love him, I love him, I love him,
  And where he goes I'll follow, I'll follow, I'll follow.
  He'll always be my true love, my true love, my true love,
  From now until forever, forever, forever.
  There isn't an ocean too deep,
  A mountain so high it can keep,
  Keep us away.
  Away from his love.”

As the song reached its crescendo, the group assembled behind Harry, dancing together in a line.  When the song ended, the music began to fade out, thanks to Peeves and Gallatea in the rafters.  Over the course of the song, the occupants of the Great Hall began to realise they had been had.  Some started to clap and cheer, mostly the Gryffindors, and the teachers started to relax.  Most of the people at the Slytherin table, and Sirius, hadn't caught on yet, and were still gaping at the group in front of them.  Harry raised his hands, silencing those who were cheering.

“ Thank you, thank you, I'm glad you liked it.  I think that about summed it up for you, Mr. Black.  Don't you think?”

In response, Sirius started to shake his head in disbelief.  Harry purposely took this the wrong way and grinned wider.

“ You still don't get it?  What a shame.  I guess we'd better explain it a bit better.  Minions?  Once more please.”

Peeves took his cue and started the music again.  This time most of the Death Eaters stepped back, allowing Eustace to come forward.  He knelt in front of Harry and started to sing, a look of adoration on his face.

“ Look into my eyes
  You will see
  What you mean to me.
  Such a heart,
  Such a soul,
  And when you find me there
  You'll search no more.

  Don't tell me it's not worth trying for.
  You can't tell me it's not worth dying for.
  You know it's true.
  Everything I do,
  I do it for you

  Look into your heart.
  You will find,
  There's nothing left to hide.
  Take me as I am,
  Take my life.
  I will give it up,
  I would sacrifice.

  Don't tell me it's not worth fighting for.
  I can't help it, there's nothing I want more.
  You know it's true.
  Everything I do,
  I do it for you.

  There's no love
  Like your love,
  And no other
  Could give more love.
  There's no way
  There's loving.
  All the time,
  All the way.
  You can't tell me it's not worth trying for,
  I can't help it, there's nothing I want more.
  I would fight for you,
  I lie for you,
  Walk the wire for you,
  I would die for you.
  You know it's true.
  Everything I do,
  I do it for you.”

As Eustace rose, Harry shook his hand and applauded with the rest of the Hall.  By this time, everyone realised that this was all an elaborate joke, meant to first frighten and then entertain them.  As soon as people realised there was no danger, they started to enjoy themselves.  Harry bowed low and yelled out to them.

“ Are you having fun?”

“ Yes!” was the resounding reply.

“ Good, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!”

This time Ginny stepped forward once more, the others fading into the background and moving around, flowing in an elaborate dance meant to make the whole scene seem more surreal.  Ginny had been given two solo parts in their prank, as she had one of the better singing voices.  What Harry hadn't expected to see, though, was the amount of emotion in her eyes as she sang it to him.

“ How do I
  Get through one night without you?
  If I had to live without you,
  What kind of life would that be?
  Oh, I
  I need you in my arms
  Need you to hold.
  You're my world my heart my soul,
  And if you ever leave,
  Baby you would take away everything good in my life,
  And tell me now,

  How do I live without you?
  I want to know.
  How do I breathe without you?
  If you ever go
  How do I ever, ever survive?

  How do I, how do I, oh how do I live
  Without you?
  There'd be no soul in my sky.
  There would be no love in my life.
  There'd be no world left for me.
  And I,
  Oh Baby I don't know what I would do.
  I'd be lost if I lost you.
  If you ever leave,
  Baby you would take away everything real in my life.
  And tell me now,

  How do I live without you?
  I want to know.
  How do I breathe without you?
  If you ever go
  How do I ever, ever survive?

  How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?
  Please tell me baby.
  How do I go on?
  If you ever leave.
  Well baby you would take away everything,
  I need you with me.
  Baby don't you know that you're everything good in my life?
  And tell me now

  How do I live without you?
  I want to know.
  How do I breathe without you?
  If you ever go
  How do I ever, ever survive?

  How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?
  How do I live without you?
  How do I live without you baby?
  How do I live?”

As the song came to an end, the cheering in the Great Hall reached an all time high.  Harry had spent the whole time entranced by Ginny's eyes.  As she stood up and came level to him, he pulled her to him and kissed her firmly on the lips.  The noise in the Hall tripled as the pair remained oblivious.  As they pulled away, Harry grinned at the girl in his arms and leant in to whisper in her ear.

“ I'm ready.”

Ginny let out a loud squeal and pulled Harry in for another kiss.  When they finally broke apart and looked out over the Hall at the beaming faces, Harry noticed Dumbledore was sitting at the head table with a very satisfied smirk on his face.  Harry grinned at him and pulled away from Ginny, before whispering to her again.

“ Ginny, will you be my girlfriend?”

“ Of course, Harry.  You don't know how long I've waited to hear you ask me that.”

“ I have a fair idea.  Now I think we should finish this later.  We have a show to complete, and the next bit is the best.”

Ginny moved away from him reluctantly and rejoined her fellow `Death Eaters'.  This was their final song, and they had wanted to make it special.  It was supposed to be a fun last day for the students, but they also wanted to put a message in that was especially aimed at the leaving seventh years.  As they took their places, the floating candles all went out, leaving the Hall in darkness.  A spotlight appeared, illuminating `Voldemort' and following him as he moved around.  After taking a minute to gather his nerve, Harry began to sing.

“ I've paid my dues.
  Time after time.
  I've done my sentence
  But committed no crime.
  And bad mistakes
  I've made a few.
  I've had my share of sand,
  Kicked in my face
  But I've come through.”

Harry collapsed to the floor as the `Death Eaters' stepped forward.  In a shower of brilliant gold, yellow and orange sparks that gathered in the shape of a giant phoenix, they threw off their robes and masks to reveal Order of the Phoenix uniforms of shining red and gold and faces covered in shimmering charmed feathers, making them look like overgrows versions of Fawkes.  The students and teachers `ooh'ed and `aah'ed as they saw them.  Harry had fallen silent, and the phoenixes were now singing.

“ We are the champions my friends.
  And we'll keep on fighting till the end.
  We are the champions,
  We are the champions.
  No time for losers,
  `Cause we are the champions
  Of the world.”

Harry crawled to his feet as the giant illuminated phoenix began to fade and the Order members disappeared into the shadows.  He looked out over the watching crowd and started once more to sing.

“ I've taken my bows,
  And my curtain calls.
  You've brought me fave and fortune
  And everything that goes with it.
  I thank you all
  But it's been no bed of roses,
  No pleasant cruises.
  I consider it a challenge before the whole human race
  And I never lose.”

As the last word was sung a brilliant flash of green light hit him from behind, and he fell to the floor in a heap.  Most of the students gasped and looked rather alarmed, but realised it was all part of the show as green sparks flew into the air creating a mangled version of the Dark Mark.  In the light of this new apparition, the Order stepped forward once more, singing the chorus at the top of their lungs.

“ We are the champions my friends.
  And we'll keep on fighting till the end.
  We are the champions,
  We are the champions.
  No time for losers
  `Cause we are the champions
  Of the world.

  We are the champions my friends.
  And we'll keep on fighting till the end.
  We are the champions,
  We are the champions.
  No time for losers
  `Cause we are the champions.”

The noise was phenomenal.  Even most of the younger Slytherins were cheering with the rest of the school.  Harry stood up and brushed off his robes, before moving to stand in the centre of the performers, with a line of Order members on either side of him.  They all took a bow as Gallatea and Peeves floated down to them, also bowing for the crowd.  It took a while for the noise to finally die down, but when it did, Harry stepped forward to address the school, shedding his Voldemort guise and eliciting gasps from those who had not yet realised who was the master prankster.

“ Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank you for your co-operation.  We felt that, as it was the last day of the school year, we would give you all a show that you won't forget for a very long time.  It started off as a simple prank, but after much consideration I decided that you deserved a special treat to say thank you for putting up with our pranks all year.  As you may or may not know, my three friends and I will be leaving you tomorrow, for we have places to go and things to do.  We have all had a wonderful year here with you all, and no matter where we go, we will always have this experience to look back on with fond memories, and happy hearts.  Thank you!”

Ginny stepped forward and wrapped her arm around her boyfriend as the Hall erupted into applause.  They both knew they would be sad to see this time go, but they were looking forward to the future, and the wealth of new experiences they would face together.

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