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***June 1978***

“ I can't believe we made it.  We've graduated!”

“ James!  It's not that unbelievable.”

“ Moony, you know more than most how much trouble we've been in.  They should have expelled us years ago.”

“ Padfoot, they should have expelled you years ago.  We weren't that bad.”

“ At least we didn't try to kill anybody…”

“ Lily, I thought we'd decided not to mention that again.”

“ Sorry, Sirius.”

“ Hey, everyone, I have something to announce.”

“ What's that, Jamie boy?”

“ I want you all to be the first to know that Lily has agreed to be my wife.”

“ You're kidding!”

“ Prongsie married?  Never!”

“ Congrats, you two.”


“ Severus, may I speak with you?”

“ Of course, Professor Dumbledore.”

“ I have a matter to discuss with you that is of the utmost importance.  I'm sorry to interrupt your graduation celebrations, but I was wondering what you were planning on doing now that you are no longer tied to Hogwarts.”

“ To tell you the truth, Professor, I hadn't thought that far ahead.”

“ Well, I have a proposition for you.  It has obviously come to my attention that you have passed your Potions Mastery with honours.  Professor Sewell has decided to retire, and I was wondering if you would consider taking up the position of Potions Professor.”

“ Are you serious.”

“ Completely.”

“ I would be delighted, Headmaster.  Thank you.”

“ You are most welcome, Severus.  Welcome to the staff.”

***September 1979***

“ Mr. Black, so good of you to join me.”

“ What was it you wanted to ask me about?”

“ I have been observing you over the last few months, and have come to a decision.”

“ What might that be, headmaster.”

“ As you know, you have been denied membership in the Order of the Phoenix the last six times you have applied.  Now, though, I believe you are finally ready to join us.”

“ Really!?”

“ Yes.”

“ Thank you!  Do you know how long I have wanted this?”

“ Since the posters came out, I believe.  The summer before your sixth year.”

“ If you don't mind me asking, Professor, why did you turn me down the other times?”

“ That is for me to know, Mr. Black, and you to wonder about.  Let me just say I was following some very sound advice from a very reliable source.”

***July 31st 1980***


“ Now, now, Lily, calm down.  It can't be doing the baby any good.”

“ Damn you!”

“ Lil, it'll be over soon.  Just push for me.”


“ And again.”


“ Once more, you're nearly there.”

“ Ahhh!”

“ Well done, love, well done.”

“ Let me just take the baby to be cleaned, James, Lily.”

“ James?”

“ Yes Lily?”

“ I'm sorry.  I love you.”

“ I know, Lil, and now our family is complete.”

“ Hem hem.”

“ Oh, Poppy, can I hold my baby now?”

“ Of course, Lily.  You have a beautiful baby boy, congratulations to you both.”

“ Thank you, Poppy.  James, look!  He has my eyes!”

“ And my hair.”

“ The poor boy.”

“ Hey!  You like my hair…”

“ I'm only kidding.  He's beautiful.  What are we going to call him?”

“ Eustace?”

“ No, we'll confuse him with your father.”

“ James, after me?”

“ James Junior?  No, but maybe for a middle name.”

“ I know.”

“ What?”

“ Do you remember the boy we knew in our fifth year.  Strange boy, a sixth year.  He got us back together after that bad break up.”

“ The time traveller?  Of course!  How could I forget?  Wait, you don't think…”

“ He had green eyes.  And black hair.”

“ But…”

“ I think so.”

“ So it's settled.”

“ We have a name.”

“ Harry James Potter.”

***August 5th 1980***

“ Mum, Dad, I'm so glad you could come!”

“ We would have been here sooner, but we were tied up with the Order.”

“ It's alright, Dad, I know how important it is.  Lily's upstairs, shall we go and see her?”

“ Yes, I think we should.  I can't wait to see my little grandson!”

“ Mum!  I think you're going to love him!  He's a little wonder.  Our miracle.”

“ Hello, Lily.”

“ Eustace!  Minh!  So glad you could come.”

“ So are we.  Can I hold my grandson?”

“ Of course, Minh.  Let me present Harry James Potter.”

“ I'm so glad Minh and I could come and visit before we have to go.”

“ Go?  Where are you going?”

“ Didn't Albus tell you?”

“ You know what Albus is like, Dad.  He never tells anyone anything, and when he does it's always in riddles.”

“ True.  Your mother and I have been talking, and we've decided that it's time to go into hiding.”

“ But, you're needed here…”

“ James, I'm sorry.  I don't want to do this any more than you do, but it has to be done.  Severus got wind of one of Voldemort's latest plans.  He's trying to track down any possible threats to his power, and our family has been placed near the top of the list.  If you really care about that baby of yours, you'd consider going into hiding as well.”

“ We'll think about it, but we really need to be here.  We can do a lot of good with the Order still, despite our obligations as parents.”

“ The decision's yours, but I'm warning you.  It's not safe.  I suggest you come with us.  We've decided to leave and go to stay with your mother's family.”

“ They're letting you in?  I though it was only the elves that could go there?”

“ Well, it's a special case.  I'm not to learn anything from them, so don't get jealous.  We're just going to lie low for a while.”

“ But, time flows differently there…”

“ True, but apparently the secret to their aging is partly in their physiology, and partly in their world.  While the elves age slower than us, and therefore can live for thousands of our years, I can live there and only age as much as is relative here.  If I come back in ten human years, I will have aged ten years, but lived many more.”

“ When will you be back?”

“ When I hear it's safe.  You have a stone, so when the threat is over, I want you to use it to contact us.  We won't be back until you do.  That is, if you won't come with us.”

“ I'm sorry, Dad.  My place is here.”

“ So be it.”

***October 31st 1981***

“ James?  Do you hear that?”

“ Hear what?”

“ There are voices coming from outside.  No-one's supposed to know where we are.”

“ Quick, Lily, it's him. Take Harry and go!  I'll hold him off.”

“ I'm not leaving you, James.  My place is with you.”

“ Go!  I'll be fine.  I'll see you soon.”

“ I love you, James.”

“ I love you, too.  Now, run!”


“ Ah, James Potter, so nice to see you.”

“ Pity I can't say the same thing about you, Voldemort.”

“ Now, now, no need to be rude.  All I want is you and your son.”

“ You will never have my son.”

“ I think I will.  And soon.”

“ Why are you doing this?  Why my family?”

“ It is simply a matter of eliminating the competition.  You are, after all, of the Gryffindor bloodline.”

“ You bastard!  Stupefy!”

“ Avada Kedavra.”


“ Harry, I need you to stay very quiet.  We have a bad man in the house, and we can't let him find us.”

“ Too late, girl.  I'm already here.”

“ I won't let you hurt my son.”

“ Step aside.  I have no wish to kill you.  I have a different plan for you.  You are, after all, an Evans.”

“ No, please, not Harry, anything-”

“ Stand aside, you silly girl.”

“ No, please, take me instead.  Have mercy!”

“ I am not merciful.  Have it your way.  Avada Kedavra!”

“ Wahhhhhh!”

“ And now for you, child.  I will finally have my revenge.  Harry Evans, I am killing the heir of your family.  I will make you suffer when I find you, if it is the last thing I do.  Avada Kedavra!”


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