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Chapter Two
Remember Us?

As soon as all of the arrangements for school had been made, the four time travellers and Dumbledore headed into Harry's room, from where they took a pinch of floo powder each and threw it into the fireplace.  Calling out their destination, they fell out of the fireplace in the entrance hall of Domus Corvus Corax and headed straight to the ball room, where several people were already waiting.  Before they went through the door, the four teenagers turned themselves invisible and stood in the corner, waiting for the rest to arrive.  Dumbledore, with Fawkes on his shoulder, sat at the head of the table and looked out over the assembled crowd.  The teachers from Hogwarts were the last to arrive, Minerva, Filius and Hagrid looking at their watches to make sure they would have time to get back to the school before the students arrived.  The four in the corner watched in fascination as Minh and Eustace entered.  They looked so much older than the last time they had seen them.  After all, they were twelve when they left, and were now forty three.  When everyone was seated, the headmaster stood up to speak.

“ Everyone, I am sorry for calling you here on such short notice, especially my fellow professors.  I do know the students will be arriving in little over an hour, so I will be brief.  While I was sitting in my office earlier a rather remarkable thing came to pass.  Four former students of mine popped in to see me rather unexpectedly.  Now, some of you will understand what is going on when you see them, and some of you will not.  For those who have never met these individuals, or do not know their secret, I will allow them to briefly summarise their situation.”

Everyone was looking at the headmaster in curiosity and confusion.  After a few moments, comprehension started to dawn in the eyes of Eustace and Minh.

“ Harry,” the elf whispered.

“ The very same,” the boy said as he stepped forward, lifting the invisibility spell.  Both Minh and Eustace were on their feet in seconds and embracing him tightly.  Harry hugged back with everything he had, silent tears of happiness falling down his cheeks.

“ Don't we get a hello?”

The three pulled apart to stare at Ron, who had a decidedly cheeky grin on his face.  Minh and Eustace went to greet the other three while Harry composed himself.  It seemed like only hours since he had parted with his two friends, and in reality it was, but he was still emotional.  This was his family, after all.  The family he had long wanted to know, but had never had the opportunity to meet.  When everyone had said hello, the group turned to the rest of the Order, some of which looked shocked, and some of which just looked confused.

“ Um…I suppose we'd better explain,” Harry said, taking his seat to the right of Dumbledore.  Many people gave him strange looks for his choice of seat.  In all the time most of them had been in the Order, no-one had sat at Dumbledore's right side.  It just wasn't done.  Not one of them had earned the privilege of being the headmaster's second in command.  A few of the younger members were going to protest that a mere teenager was presuming so much.  However, before they had a chance to say anything, Harry stood up to address them all.

“ Hello, my name, as you have probably guessed, is Harry.  These are my friends, Hermione, Ron and Ginny.  Some of you will know me, and some of you will not.  For those of you who do not, I will briefly tell you about my companions and myself.  We are sixth year students at Hogwarts this year, but last year we completed our fifth year in 1944.  This may sound confusing, but it is really quite simple.  We are from the future.  You may find this hard to believe, but it's true.  Being members of the Order of the Phoenix, you are being entrusted with this information.  As it is strictly Order business, it will be covered by the secrecy spell, so you will not be able to speak about this to anyone.  I am not prepared to go into details about the future, as that may result in a disastrous change in time.  All I will say, is that we are from the year 1995.  We came here using a magic amulet known as the Amulet of Time.  This is the third time period we have visited, the first being in the time of the Hogwarts Founders, and the last being the school year 1943 to 1944.  We are capable warriors, so I want no-one to question our ability to fight, as we will take it as a personal insult.  Do I make myself clear?”

Everyone nodded, although most of them didn't like the idea of agreeing to the terms of a seventeen year old boy.

“ That's good.  I may be young, but I would like to remind you that I founded this Order, so if I am displeased, there will be penalties.  Now that everything's cleared up, does anyone have any questions?”

“ I do,” Arthur Weasley spoke up.

“ Go ahead, Mr. Weasley.”

“ How do you know my name?”

“ The hair gave it away.  Plus, I've met you before.”

“ That's what I wanted to ask.  Were you the one who sang at Percy's funeral?”

“ Yes, that was me.”

“ Ah, right.  I thought you looked familiar.”

“ Any more questions?”

None were forthcoming, so Harry just sat back down and waited for the headmaster to take over the conversation.  A soft murmur of conversation started up around the table, everyone talking about the new arrivals, but none brave enough to speak to the people themselves.  After a few minutes, Dumbledore clapped his hands to regain the attention of everyone.

“ If you could just spare an old man a few moments of your time, I would be grateful.  Now, as Harry has said, there is a lot he can't tell us, but he and his companions are more than willing to help us in our fight against Voldemort.”

There was a collective wince from most of the Order members.  Before Dumbledore had chance to go on, Yanika raised her hand.

“ Um…Albus?  I have a question.”

“ Go on, my dear.”

“ Well, if they can't change the future, how can they help us without making anything different.”

“ Ah, for the answer to that I would ask Harry to explain.”

Harry stood up once again, sighing to himself.

“ Yanika, I see where you are going with this, but I can explain that.  The four of us were meant to come here.  Our arrival was even prophecised by our very own Sybil Trelawney,” he said, nodding in the Divination teacher's direction, “ As long as we know what is supposed to happen, and don't actively try to change it, we can't do any harm.  However, if we speak of the future, other people may not be as careful.  In the prophecy I was called Ouroboros, as I am, I was, and I always will be.  Don't try and make me explain, just accept it.”

Nodding, Yanika sat back in her seat and waited for the elderly headmaster to continue.

“ Now,” he said, “ I will let you get back to your lives.  I'm sure you all have something to do.  I will let Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny stay here for a bit longer so you can catch up, but I need all Hogwarts staff back at the school before the feast.”

With that, Dumbledore stood up and strode out of the door, heading for the floo system in the entrance hall.  As soon as he left, the four teenagers were swamped by people greeting them again after so many years.  Others were introducing themselves for the first time, as they had joined the Order after 1944.  They spoke with Amelia Logan, and were rather distressed to head her husband had died a few years before.  The couple had also adopted Eustace not long after the four had left 1944, which Harry was glad to hear.  He didn't like the idea of his friend being without a home.  The four were also told about what had happened to Robert Black, who they had known as a first year.  After the four had left, Minh and Eustace had become closer, and Robert had felt left out.  By the end of school, he was close friends with various members of Slytherin House.  After graduation, he followed his family's path and joined Voldemort.  Harry especially was rather disturbed to hear this, as he had been friends with the boy as a first year.  It was also a shock to find out that Sirius' father was a Death Eater.  

After a quick chat with Yanika, Eustace, and Minh, the four teenagers realised it was nearly time for the feast.  Gathering up the lingering teachers, they all headed back to Hogwarts, promising to meet up with their friends the next day at Diagon Alley.  Eustace and Minh would be there, as well as Yanika, Amelia and Heather Evans, an obliviator for the Ministry who Harry wanted to talk to.  So many of the faces and names he had been faced with during the meeting were familiar.  The old Order members he obviously knew, but some people, such as Molly and Arthur Weasley, he knew from the future.  There were also a few people related to people he knew in the future, such as Peter Bones and Romulus Lupin, the fathers of Susan and Remus.  He was a little disappointed when Lolide and Gaerwyn didn't come, but he figured they may be busy, and the meeting was rather short notice.  His head was a whirl of thoughts as he arrived with his friends back at Hogwarts.  As they were heading down to the feast, something suddenly occurred to him.  For the first time that he could remember, he would be seeing his parents alive.

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