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10/09/1995AD  Harry and Draco duel.  Draco loses his magic and is sent to Heather's house.  Heather and Draco meet.  Draco is shocked that Heather is alive.  She agrees to let him stay.  Draco discovers cartoons.
11/09/1995AD  Draco wakes up at Heather's.  Trip to Canterbury by car.
15/09/1995AD  Draco goes to the library for the first time.
19/09/1995AD  Draco discovers cooking.
20/09/1995AD  Harry and Glen visit Heather - fight with Draco.  Harry casts a pain curse on Draco.
21/09/1995AD  Draco sees a memory of the Death Eaters and Voldemort in Heather's penseive.
24/09/1995AD  Heather offers to help Draco be different from his father.
28/09/1995AD  Draco meets Evelyn.
06/10/1995AD  Draco finds out Evelyn has a magical great aunt.
07/10/1995AD  Draco and the McCarthys go to the Party in the Park.  Draco falls out with Heather.
11/10/1995AD  Heather makes up with Draco.
14/10/1995AD  Heather and Draco go to Paris on the Eurostar.
15/10/1995AD  Heather takes Draco sightseeing.  Draco find out about the Battle of Paris and the time travellers' capture.
16/10/1995AD  Heather and Draco visit the Louvre.
17/10/1995AD  Heather takes Draco to Disneyland.
18/10/1995AD  Heather and Draco go back to England.
21/10/1995AD  Evelyn's family take Draco to the cinema to see Pocahontas.  Death Eaters attack Canterbury.  Mr. McCarthy dies.  Evelyn learns about magic and finds out she is a witch.  Draco defies his father.  Heather contacts Harry.  Order goes to Canterbury.
25/10/1995AD  Draco gets up and finds out what happened after the attack.
27/10/1995AD  Evie mourns.
28/10/1995AD  Evie leaves Draco's room.  They visit her mother in hospital.
29/10/1995AD  Mr. McCarthy's funeral.
31/10/1995AD  Draco is disowned and disinherited.
05/11/1995AD  Draco goes back to Hogwarts.

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