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The End of the Affair

Two days after Draco left, there was a knock on Heather's front door.  As she wasn't expecting anyone, she made sure her wand was firmly tucked down her sleeve before she answered the door.  When she did, she was met by a tall willowy woman with thick grey hair pulled back in an intricate braid, dressed in royal purple wizarding robes.  Heather immediately panicked, pulling her wand on the startled woman.  The visitor took a step back, and started to reach for her own wand.  Before she could do anything, Heather lifted her wand higher and aimed it at the woman's chest.

Don't even think about it, she said, making the woman freeze immediately, Who are you, and what are you doing here?

I-I'm sorry for startling you, she said, an Irish lilt easily detectable, But I was invited here.  I got a letter telling me my niece was involved in a Death Eater attack.

Heather immediately lowered her wand, and pulled the door open, waving the woman inside.  She hesitantly stepped through the door and followed Heather into the living room, where she took the offered seat.

I'm sorry about that, I'm a little paranoid.  I'm supposed to be dead, but if anyone finds out I'm alive, I'll be arrested by the Ministry of Magic.  It makes me a little jittery when unknown magical folk turn up on my doorstep.  I'm Heather Evans, pleased to meet you, Heather said, holding out her hand, which the woman grasped in a handshake.

I'm Aveleen MacTavish, Briana McCarthy's aunt.  I'm here to see Evelyn.

Of course, let me get her for you.

Heather stood up and went over to the door, calling for Evie to come downstairs.  Ever since Draco had left, the girl had been sitting in his old room, reading some magic books he had given her.  When she heard Heather calling for her, she made her way to the living room, where she came face to face with someone she had only seen in pictures.  Her mother had told her she had a great aunt, and shown her pictures, but it wasn't until recently, after her being a witch had been discovered, that her mother had told her everything on one of her hospital visits.  

Great Aunt Aveleen? she asked, tentatively.

Hello, Evelyn, it's nice to meet you.

The woman had a kind voice, and smiled warmly at Evie.  The little girl smiled back, and launched herself at her long lost relative, giving her a fierce hug, and crying lightly.  Aveleen seemed rather surprised, and looked to Heather, who was stood back, smiling.

Is she always like this? she asked.  A sad look entered Heather's eyes as she shook her head.

No, just recently.  She's had a hard few weeks, what with her mother in hospital, and her father having passed away.  It didn't help when her best friend, Draco, went back to Hogwarts on Sunday.

You had a Hogwarts student here?

It's a long story.  Draco came here for two months and met Evie.  They became the best of friends, and his leaving didn't help her emotional state.  I'm trying the best I can, until her mother gets out of hospital, but I thought it would be best if I got in touch with you.  After all, you are her family.

Do you want me to take her away?  Do you not wish to look after her? Aveleen asked.

No, it's fine, I just thought it would be nice for her to see a member of her family, especially a fellow witch.  It's not like I can take her to see any magical places, being a wanted criminal and all.

About that, Aveleen said, What exactly are you wanted for?

I was a member of the Order of the Phoenix.  I was captured by the Death Eaters and placed under the Imperius curse, and forced to be a spy for Voldemort.  About twenty years ago, I was rescued from a battle and had the curse broken, thus giving me back my freedom.  The problem was, the Death Eaters thought I was dead, and the Ministry thought I was a Death Eater.  I had to disappear.

I think I may have heard about you.  They say you are the Phoenixer that turned spy.  Heather Evans, sister of Lily Evans-Potter.

One and the same.

Well, who better to look after our Evelyn than Harry Potter's aunt! Aveleen said with a smile, a hint of teasing in her voice.  Heather instantly relaxed, and grinned back at the woman.

So, what's going to happen to Evelyn? Heather asked.

I think it would be best for her to stay with you until her mother is out of hospital, so she can still visit.  If that's all right with you, of course.

It's no problem.  I like having her here.

Fine, that's settled, then.  When her mother is released from hospital, I'll take both of them back to my home.  I have enough money from my Potions Mistress days to keep us all living quite comfortably.  I have a small shop near my house, which I'm sure Briana can help me run.  It's an apothecary, so she won't have ant trouble, being a Muggle and all.  It's also close enough to Hogwarts that Evelyn can visit her friend.

Why, where do you live? Heather asked, curiously.  Aveleen gave her a cheeky smile, making her aged face look years younger.


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