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05/09/8005BC  Sirius, Remus, Severus, Glen, Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron arrive in the past - make camp.
06/09/8005BC  Find rock patterns around their camp.
07/09/8005BC  Find burning torches around their camp.  Start to get concerned.
08/09/8005BC  Wake to find a moat around their camp.
09/09/8005BC  Tornado causes damage to the camp - they know something is wrong.
10/09/8005BC  Time travellers captured by the elementals.  They meet Myleidi.  Realise they are in the Neolithic Era.
11/09/8005BC  Realise Harry is in direct sunlight and his skin burns.
18/09/8005BC  Full moon - Remus transforms.  Escape from the Elementals.
19/09/8005BC  Set up a new camp.  Myleidi finds out Harry is part vampire, part elf.
22/09/8005BC  Head South in the search for civilisation.
02/10/8005BC  Reach the South coast of England.
03/10/8005BC  Cross the English Channel.
20/10/8005BC  Reach the Alps and the elven settlement of Lanith'il.
30/10/8005BC  Giants attack Lanith'il, killing many elves including Myleidi's family.
01/11/8005BC  Harry asks the elders to let Myleidi go with them.
02/11/8005BC  Group leave Lanith'il and head south through Italy.
18/11/8005BC  Encounter the marine elves and the Ash'ren.
19/11/8005BC  The group contact the marine elves and trade magical knowledge for a ship.
22/11/8005BC  Harry meets Timea.  The trade for the boat is completed.  The Ash'ren's magic is unbound from the elves.  The time travellers set sail for Egypt.