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05/09/8005BC  Sirius, Remus, Severus, Glen, Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron arrive in the past - make camp.
06/09/8005BC  Find rock patterns around their camp.
07/09/8005BC  Find burning torches around their camp.  Start to get concerned.
08/09/8005BC  Wake to find a moat around their camp.
09/09/8005BC  Tornado causes damage to the camp - they know something is wrong.
10/09/8005BC  Time travellers captured by the elementals.  They meet Myleidi.  Realise they are in the Neolithic Era.
11/09/8005BC  Realise Harry is in direct sunlight and his skin burns.
18/09/8005BC  Full moon - Remus transforms.  Escape from the Elementals.
19/09/8005BC  Set up a new camp.  Myleidi finds out Harry is part vampire, part elf.
22/09/8005BC  Head South in the search for civilisation.
02/10/8005BC  Reach the South coast of England.
03/10/8005BC  Cross the English Channel.
20/10/8005BC  Reach the Alps and the elven settlement of Lanith'il.
30/10/8005BC  Giants attack Lanith'il, killing many elves including Myleidi's family.
01/11/8005BC  Harry asks the elders to let Myleidi go with them.
02/11/8005BC  Group leave Lanith'il and head south through Italy.
18/11/8005BC  Encounter the marine elves and the Ash'ren.
19/11/8005BC  The group contact the marine elves and trade magical knowledge for a ship.
22/11/8005BC  Harry meets Timea.  The trade for the boat is completed.  The Ash'ren's magic is unbound from the elves.  The time travellers set sail for Egypt.

05/05/8004BC  Ginny makes the Prophecy of the Four.

01/09/990AD  Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny arrive in the time of the Hogwarts founders.
02/09/990AD  First day of classes.  
03/09/990AD  Research the amulet in the library.  Tell Ardwick and Christabel about the time travel.
04/09/990AD  Ardwick finds information on the amulet.
05/09/990AD  Monday - Start to write their books.  First sword fighting lesson.
06/09/990AD  Tuesday - First animagus lesson.  First confrontation with Horatio.
07/09/990AD  Wednesday - First Dark Arts lesson.  First martial arts lesson.
08/09/990AD  Thursday - First invisibility lesson.  Harry shows his first bit of wandless magic.
09/09/990AD  Friday - First archery lesson.  Meet Lolide.
10/09/990AD  Saturday - First duelling lesson.  Harry has a flashback.
11/09/990AD  Sunday - First wandless magic lesson.  Harry speaks to Lolide for the first time.  Starts to study the Dark Arts and elven magic.
30/09/990AD  Marauders founded.
01/10/990AD  First big prank on the school.
12/10/990AD  Gallatea and Ardwick first hear about quidditch.  
13/10/990AD  First practice game of quidditch.
15/10/990AD  Plan Gallatea's birthday party.
21/10/990AD  Gallatea's birthday - party, presents, quidditch pitch revealed.
22/10/990AD  Rest of the school find out about the quidditch pitch.
31/10/990AD  Hallow'een feast.  Slytherin acts suspiciously.  Gallatea reveals her telepathy to Harry.  Harry shows her his snakes.
01/11/990AD  Harry and Gallatea share their revelations with the others.  Find out about Slytherin's snake spies.
21/11/990AD  Quidditch tryouts.
23/11/990AD  Meeting in the Chamber of Secrets.
01/12/990AD  First ever quidditch match - Gryffindor Vs Ravenclaw.
11/12/990AD  Harry wakes up in the hospital wing after being hit with a bludger.
12/12/990AD  Harry overhears Lolide and Gryffindor talking about the founder's heart problems.
13/12/990AD  Harry goes back to classes.  Makes quidditch deal with Ministry and Flourish & Bott's.
14/12/990AD  Care of Magical Creatures - Sleeping dragon tickled by Horatio, Gallatea rescued by Harry.  Their first kiss.
19/12/990AD  Christmas holidays start.
20/12/990AD  Ardwick proposes a prank war between the Marauders.
21/12/990AD  Peeves' prank.
22/12/990AD  Ardwick's prank.
23/12/990AD  Ron's prank.
24/12/990AD  Harry's prank.  Peeves finds out about the time travellers.
25/12/990AD  Christmas day prank.  Horatio casts the Cruciatus on Hermione and is expelled.  Gryffindor and Slytherin duel.  Harry first uses the parseltongue magic removal spell.  The school motto is founded.
26/12/990AD  Trip to Hogsmeade.  Buy costumes and immunity necklaces.  Soul Magic lesson for Harry.  Overhear Slytherin's plans.  Yule Ball.  Harry and Gallatea go as High Elves.  Ardwick, Hermione, Ron and Ginny go as the founders.
18/04/991AD  Harry first visits the elf world.
13/06/991AD  OWLs start.
18/07/991AD  Last quidditch match of the season - Ravenclaw Vs Slytherin
19/07/991AD  School breaks up for the summer.
21/07/991AD  The time travellers and Gallatea start to get bored.  Study to pass the time.
26/07/991AD  Harry visits the elves for a month.
28/07/991AD  Battle in the Chamber of Secrets.  Harry's elven skills are revealed.
29/07/991AD  Gaerwyn first visits the human world.
31/07/991AD  Harry's 16th birthday.  Lots of alcohol.  Harry is given the Gryffindor Tower room, and a handmade holly wood broom.
01/08/991AD  Harry and Gallatea wake up in the same bed, half dressed.
06/08/991AD  Ravenclaw proposes the time travellers take their NEWTs.
17/08/991AD  Lolide finishes teaching Harry.
18/08/991AD  Ron and Harry are given their specially ordered quidditch rule books and their new Gringotts keys.
22/08/991AD  Hogsmeade trip.  Harry orders the building of Domus Corvus Corax.
30/08/991AD  OWL and NEWT results.
01/08/991AD  Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny go to the next time period.  Gallatea tells Harry she's pregnant.
08/10/991AD  Gallatea binds her soul to the dedication stone in the quidditch pitch.
24/04/992AD  Glenadade Harold Potter, the first of the Potter line, is born.
21/07/993AD  Ardwick, Christabel and Gallatea graduate.
03/04/994AD  Lucifina starts to take over the wizarding world.
01/04/995AD  Ardwick and Christabel marry.
15/05/997AD  Gallatea Ravenclaw dies of influenza.
20/07/997AD  Peeves graduates.
27/03/1000AD  Peeves is killed with Avada Kedavra, becoming a poltergeist.
04/09/1009AD  Lucifina attacks Hogwarts.  Glenadade sent to the future.
12/11/1547AD  Elves sever ties with the humans.
28/03/1592AD  Rebel elves banished from the elf world.  Teutoburg City established.
06/02/1759AD  Light vampires break from their covens.  Move to Teutoburg City.

01/09/1943AD  Arrive in the Great Hall, meet Dumbledore, who read Gallatea's book about them.  Sorting: Harry - Hufflepuff, Ron - Gryffindor, Hermione - Ravenclaw, Ginny - Slytherin.  Meet Minh, Robert, Sybil, Eustace, Flitwick, Caligula and Satanus.
02/09/1943AD  Trip to Diagon Alley.  Told about Grindelwald's alliance with Hitler.  Go to Harry and Ron's Gringott's vault.  Harry tells the others he is a Dark wizard.  
03/09/1943AD  Research Ravenclaw, plan a prank with Eustace, Robert and Persephone.  First prank in that time.
04/09/1943AD  First day of lessons.  Have trouble using their wands for everything.
28/09/1943AD  Find out Harry is his own ancestor.  `Tea's ghost is released from the stone.
14/10/1943AD  Minh asks Harry to go to Falaryth with her.
21/10/1943AD  Minh and Harry got to Falaryth.
28/10/1943AD  Quidditch tryouts.
31/10/1943AD  Attack on Hogwarts.  Dumbledore sees Harry using the Dark Arts.  Persephone is killed.  Dumbledore becomes headmaster.
02/11/1943AD  Memorial service.  Harry and Dumbledore discuss his use of the Dark Arts.
05/11/1943AD  Persephone's funeral.  Statue of her placed in the Gryffindor Room.
16/11/1943AD  Minh joins the Marauders.
07/12/1943AD  Dumbledore asks the time travellers to teach Minerva McGonagall the animagus transformation.
19/12/1943AD  First quidditch match of the year - Hufflepuff Vs Gryffindor.
20/12/1943AD  Time travellers and Minh are invited to spend Christmas with the Potters.
21/12/1943AD  Christmas holidays start.  Meet the Potters.
25/12/1943AD  Christmas day - air raid.  Potters killed.  Meet the Logans.
26/12/1943AD  Harry tells Eustace he lost his parents, girlfriend and son.
07/01/1944AD  Grindelwald's followers attack London.  Tiberius Malfoy bitten by Nirah.
10/01/1944AD  Floo network back online.
11/01/1944AD  First go to Domus Corvus Corax.  Return to Hogwarts.
27/01/1944AD  Agnes and Charles Potter's funeral.
01/02/1944AD  Start lessons with Dumbledore.
02/02/1944AD  The time travellers learn to apparate.
03/02/1944AD  Minh and Eustace meet Gallatea.
24/02/1944AD  Ron finds a way to free Gallatea's spirit.
25/02/1944AD  Gallatea's spirit is freed.  Dumbledore finds out about her.  She becomes the Ravenclaw ghost.  Harry proposes a resistance force.
01/03/1944AD  Slytherin Vs Hufflepuff quidditch match.
02/03/1944AD  First Order of the Phoenix meeting.
09/03/1944AD  Gaerwyn and Lolide visit and join the Order,.
11/03/1944AD  Order meeting.
30/03/1944AD  Attack on Paris.  Time travellers captured.
31/03/1944AD  Ron and Hermione sent to Grossrosen camp.  Harry and Ginny wake up in Grindelwald's headquarters.  Harry is tortured.
01/04/1944AD  Tasks allocated at the camp.
18/04/1944AD  Yanika taken to the laboratories to be studied.
12/05/1944AD  Furnace breaks - dig a mass grave.  Ron and Hermione meet and kiss.
19/05/1944AD  Ginny kisses Harry.  He tells her he needs time.
20/05/1944AD  Harry and Ginny separated.
29/05/1944AD  Gallatea telepathically contacts Hermione.  Harry discovers he can use elven healing magic.
30/05/1944AD  Ginny sees Ron and Hermione's rescue in a vision.  Harry's telepathy awakens.
02/06/1944AD  Ron and Hermione are rescued.  Harry telepathically contacts Dumbledore.
05/06/1944AD  Harry and Ginny are rescued.  Grindelwald is killed.  Tom Riddle receives the Dark Mark from Harry.
06/06/1944AD  D-Day landings.  The time travellers return to Hogwarts.
12/06/1944AD  OWLs start.
26/06/1944AD  OWLs end.
30/06/1944AD  Decide where the time travellers and Eustace will spend the holidays.
03/07/1944AD  Leaving feast - Sybil Trelawney makes the Ouroboros prophecy.
04/07/1944AD  End of term.
18/07/1944AD  Trip to Diagon Alley.  Harry gets his raven and ouroboros tattoo, and gets a separate vault for his money.
31/07/1944AD  Harry's 17th birthday.
04/08/1944AD  Elves return to Falaryth.  The time travellers and Eustace go with them.
06/08/1944AD  Humans return to the wizarding world.  Harry makes Dumbledore leader of the Order, gives him a vault key, and gives him custody of Fawkes.
17/08/1944AD  Time travellers go to stay with the Logans.
23/08/1944AD  Presentation of the Order of Merlin awards.
31/08/1944AD  OWL results.  Harry gives Eustace a vault key and his invisibility cloak, as well as telling him his name is Harry Potter.
01/09/1944AD  The four leave for the next time.
30/06/1945AD  Eustace adopted by the Logans.
14/09/1945AD  Robert Black becomes friends with the Slytherins
14/02/1949AD  Eustace asks Minh to be his girlfriend.
03/06/1950AD  Eustace proposes to Minh.
26/06/1950AD  Minh decides to stay in the human world.
10/08/1955AD  Eustace and Minh marry.
01/11/1958AD  Robert Black joins the Death Eaters.
24/12/1959AD  Minh tells Eustace she is pregnant.
02/04/1960AD  James Potter is born.
13/06/1960AD  Lily Evans born.
05/01/1971AD  John Logan dies.
30/08/1974AD  Petunia and Vernon marry.
01/09/1975AD  The four arrive in 1975.  Call Order meeting.  Tell the Order about time travelling.  Harry meets Heather.  Feast - Harry casts mass silencing spell.
02/09/1975AD  Trip to Diagon Alley.  `Tea tells Harry to move on.
03/09/1975AD  Hermione, Ginny and Harry meet the Marauders.
15/09/1975AD  Sev learns the Patronus charm.
16/09/1975AD  Sev and Harry join the quidditch team.  Harry beats Lucius in a duel.
13/10/1975AD  Marauders prank Harry and Sev.
14/10/1975AD  Harry and Sev retaliate.
16/10/1975AD  Marauders and Lily dance the cancan at breakfast.
28/10/1975AD  Ginny has a vision.
31/10/1975AD  St Mungo's attacked.  Ron discovers he is a healer.  Harry becomes a part vampire and is in a coma.
09/11/1975AD  Ron wakes up.  Sev and the Marauders find out what happened.
05/12/1975AD  Harry wakes from his coma.
08/12/1975AD  Harry depressed - ignores everyone.  Ginny tells Remus about the time travel.  Remus tells her he is a werewolf.
09/12/1975AD  Remus talks to Harry.
10/12/1975AD  Sev finds out his animagus form - velociraptor.
11/12/1975AD  Full moon - Ginny goes with Remus.
12/12/1975AD  Ginny proposes the time travellers teach the Marauders the animagus transformation.
18/12/1975AD  Christmas holidays start.  Marauders find out their animagus forms.  
25/12/1975AD  Christmas Day - Harry shares it with his family.
03/01/1976AD  Holidays end.
04/01/1976AD  Sev shows Harry his Dark Mark - becomes a spy.  Sev joins the Order of the Phoenix.
27/01/1976AD  Sev's first Order meeting.  Harry pranks the Slytherins - pretends to be Voldemort.  Harry - vision - Prophecy of the Four.
28/01/1976AD  Voldemort sends Dumbledore a howler.  Harry tells Dumbledore about the vision.
18/02/1976AD  Harry dreams - Heather captured as revenge against Harry `Evans'.
27/02/1976AD  Harry attacks Voldemort at a Death Eater meeting.
01/03/1976AD  Marauders complete the animagus transformation.
02/03/1976AD  Full moon - all go with Remus.
01/04/1976AD  Marauders past and present spend the day pranking people.
03/04/1976AD  Sev and Harry go to Diagon Alley.  Harry gets lion tattoo.  Diagon Alley attacked.
17/04/1976AD  Hollerith tests completed.
18/04/1976AD  Hollerith tests carried out.
22/04/1876AD  Hollerith test results compiled.
23/04/1976AD  Lily, James and Remus join the Order of the Phoenix.
24/04/1976AD  Slytherin versus Gryffindor quidditch match.
28/04/1976AD  Full moon - Sev questions Harry on where he goes.
30/04/1976AD  Gaerwyn and Lolide plan James' birthday party.  Harry visits Falaryth.
02/05/1976AD  James' 16th birthday - told of his elven heritage.
24/05/1976AD  Sirius tells Sev to go to the Whomping Willow on the full moon.,
26/05/1976AD  Full moon - Whomping Willow incident.
27/05/1976AD  Sirius punished - banned from playing pranks.
28/05/1976AD  Lily breaks up with James.
14/06/1976AD  Exams start.
03/07/1976AD  Exams end.
10/07/1976AD  Harry talks to James and Lily - they get back together.
12/07/1976AD  Leaving Feast - the Great Prank - dress up as Voldemort and the Death Eaters.  Harry asks Ginny out.
13/07/1976AD  Harry tells Sev everything.  Cast a charm on the students to make them forget the specifics of the time travellers.  `Tea tells Harry about his son and Lucifina.
31/07/1976AD  Harry's 18th birthday.
25/08/1976AD  Alder Hay Children's Hospital attacked.  Heather rescued.
01/09/1976AD  Harry tells James and Lily he is from the future.  Hogwarts Express attacked.  Four go to next time.
10/06/1978AD  James proposes to Lily.
12/06/1978AD  James, Lily, Peter, Sirius, Lily and Severus graduate.  Severus offered the Potions job.
03/09/1979AD  Sirius accepted into the Order of the Phoenix.
31/07/1980AD  Harry Potter born.
05/08/1980AD  Eustace and Minh go into hiding in the elf world.
31/10/1981AD  James and Lily killed.  Voldemort defeated.  Harry becomes the Boy-Who-Lived.
01/11/1981AD  Sirius framed.  Sent to Azkaban without trial.

30/07/1995AD  Death Eater meeting.  Voldemort plans to capture Harry in Diagon Alley.
31/07/1995AD  Harry's 15th birthday.  Receives the Amulet of Time.
03/08/1995AD  Harry goes to the Burrow.
12/08/1995AD  Hermione goes to the Burrow.  Trip to Diagon Alley.  Simbi and Nirah bought, as well as Harry's parseltongue book.  Wormtail captured.
01/09/1995AD  Draco visits their compartment on the train.  First activate the amulet.  Four arrive back in their own time.  Speak to Fred and George.  Everyone finds out about their time travelling.
04/09/1995AD  Potions class - Find out Harry knows the antidote to the Infierno Poison.  Harry gets a letter from Heather.
05/09/1995AD  DADA lesson - Harry argues with Umbridge and is given detention.
09/09/1995AD  Trip to Diagon Alley.  Sirius, Remus, Hermione, Ginny and the Weasley parents are given vault keys.
10/09/1995AD  Harry and Draco duel.  Draco loses his magic and is sent to Heather's house.  Heather and Draco meet.  Draco is shocked that Heather is alive.  She agrees to let him stay.  Draco discovers cartoons.  Glenadade turns up at Hogwarts.
11/09/1995AD  Draco wakes up at Heather's.  Trip to Canterbury by car.  Harry's detention with Umbridge - she questions him.  Harry and Glen send her mental messages - thinks she's hearing voices.
15/09/1995AD  Draco goes to the library for the first time.  Harry and Glen visit Sev - Harry gives him the books he wrote.
19/09/1995AD  Draco discovers cooking.
20/09/1995AD  Harry and Glen visit Heather - fight with Draco.  Harry casts a pain curse on Draco.  Harry flees, arriving in the Teutoburg forest - meets Meilani, Leilani and Vrykolakas.
21/09/1995AD  Draco sees a memory of the Death Eaters and Voldemort in Heather's penseive.
24/09/1995AD  Heather offers to help Draco to be different from his father.
28/09/1995AD  Draco meets Evelyn.
06/10/1995AD  Draco finds out Evelyn has a magical great aunt.
07/10/1995AD  Draco and the McCarthys go to the Party in the Park.  Draco falls out with Heather.
11/10/1995AD  Heather makes up with Draco.
14/10/1995AD  Heather and Draco go to Paris on the Eurostar.
15/10/1995AD  Heather takes Draco sightseeing.  Draco find out about the Battle of Paris and the time travellers' capture.
16/10/1995AD  Heather and Draco visit the Louvre.
17/10/1995AD  Heather takes Draco to Disneyland.
18/10/1995AD  Heather and Draco go back to England.
20/10/1995AD  Attack on Diagon Alley.  Harry returns, introducing Meilani, Leilani and Vrykolakas to the Order.
21/10/1995AD  Evelyn's family take Draco to the cinema to see Pocahontas.  Death Eaters attack Canterbury.  Mr. McCarthy dies.  Evelyn learns about magic and finds out she is a witch.  Draco defies his father.  Heather contacts Harry.  Order goes to Canterbury.  Full Order meeting called.
23/10/1995AD  Harry goes back to lessons.
25/10/1995AD  Draco gets up and finds out what happened after the attack.
27/10/1995AD  Evie mourns.
28/10/1995AD  Evie leaves Draco's room.  They visit her mother in hospital.
29/10/1995AD  Mr. McCarthy's funeral.
31/10/1995AD  Draco is disowned and disinherited.
04/11/1995AD  Harry comes up with a plan for getting rid of Umbridge.
05/11/1995AD  Draco goes back to Hogwarts and calls a truce with Harry.
07/11/1995AD  Evie's aunt visits Heather.
25/12/1995AD  Christmas - Umbridge sings `I'm Going Slightly Mad'.  Eustace turns up.  Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Harry decide to accompany Glen to the past.  The Weasley twins receive their copies of the quidditch rule book.
26/12/1995AD  Boxing Day - Trip to Heather's.  Heather accepts the DADA position.  Ginny has a vision of Dumbledore's disappearance.
14/01/1996AD  Heather arrives at Hogwarts.
15/01/1996AD  Heather teaches her first class - Gryffindor/Slytherin 7th years.
01/04/1996AD  Dumbledore is committed.  Harry is sent to Azkaban for a month.  Voldemort plans the fall of Hogwarts.
02/04/1996AD  Sirius made temporary Transfiguration teacher and Head of Gryffindor House.
16/04/1996AD  Fudge visits Harry in Azkaban.  Voldemort sets the date of the Hogwarts attack.
20/04/1996AD  Eustace visits Dumbledore in St. Mungo's.
01/05/1996AD  Harry returns to Hogwarts.  Party in Harry's room.  Order meeting called, Harry chosen as the new leader.  Counter attack planned.
04/05/1996AD  Final Order meeting before the final battle.  Harry gives everyone Dreamless Sleep potion.
05/05/1996AD  Final battle against Voldemort.  Voldemort finally defeated.
06/05/1996AD  Harry wakes up - it told he is dying.  Dumbledore is also dying.
09/05/1996AD  Harry is declared fit and healthy.
13/05/1996AD  Dumbledore's funeral.
17/06/1996AD  Exams start.
01/07/1996AD  Exams end.
14/07/1996AD  Leaving Feast.  The Marauders and friends put on a play.  Harry proposes to Ginny - she agrees.  Harry asks the Weasleys' permission to marry their daughter.
15/07/1996AD  Time travellers graduate from Hogwarts.  Last Order of the Phoenix meeting.  Harry removes Severus' Dark Mark.
31/07/1996AD  Harry's 19th birthday.
01/08/1996AD  Harry gathers delegates to go to the elf world.
02/08/1996AD  Delegation goes to the elf world to conduct peace talks.
27/08/1996AD  Harry visits the Dursleys and invites them to the wedding reception.
31/08/1996AD  NEWT results.  Harry and Ginny's wedding.
01/09/1996AD  Harry calls a meeting to discuss the next trip through time.  He asks Sirius, Remus and Severus to come with him.  Evelyn starts at Hogwarts - Ravenclaw.
02/09/1996AD  Time travellers and Remus plan the next trip.
04/09/1996AD  Weasleys throw a party for the people leaving.
05/09/1996AD  Amulet is activated, sending Remus, Sirius, Severus, Glen and the original four into the past.

13/11/2026AD  Fall of the Ministry of Magic.  The Lightning Lord comes into power.

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