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01/09/1995AD  Four arrive back in their own time.  Speak to Fred and George.  Everyone finds out about their time travelling.
04/09/1995AD  Potions class - Find out Harry knows the antidote to the Infierno Poison.  Harry gets a letter from Heather.
05/09/1995AD  DADA lesson - Harry argues with Umbridge and is given detention.
09/09/1995AD  Trip to Diagon Alley.  Sirius, Remus, Hermione, Ginny and the Weasley parents are given vault keys.
10/09/1995AD  Harry and Draco duel.  Draco loses his magic and is sent to Heather's house.  Glenadade turns up at Hogwarts.
11/09/1995AD  Harry's detention with Umbridge - she questions him.  Harry and Glen send her mental messages - thinks she's hearing voices.
15/09/1995AD  Harry and Glen visit Sev - Harry gives him the books he wrote.  
20/09/1995AD  Harry and Glen visit Heather - fight with Draco.  Harry casts a pain curse on Draco.  Harry flees, arriving in the Teutoburg forest - meets Meilani, Leilani and Vrykolakas.
20/10/1995AD  Attack on Diagon Alley.  Harry comes back, introducing Meilani, Leilani and Vrykolakas to the Order.
21/10/1995AD  Attack on Canterbury.  Full Order meeting called.
23/10/1995AD  Harry goes back to lessons.
04/11/1995AD  Harry comes up with a plan for getting rid of Umbridge.
05/11/1995AD  Draco returns to Hogwarts and calls a truce with Harry.
26/11/1995AD  Draco moves into a private room in the Slytherin dorms.
25/12/1995AD  Christmas - Umbridge sings `I'm Going Slightly Mad'.  Eustace turns up.  Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Harry decide to accompany Glen to the past.  The Weasley twins receive their copies of the quidditch rule book.
26/12/1995AD  Boxing Day - Trip to Heather's.  Heather accepts the DADA position.  Ginny has a vision of Dumbledore's disappearance.
14/01/1996AD  Heather arrives at Hogwarts.
15/01/1996AD  Heather teaches her first class - Gryffindor/Slytherin 7th years.
01/04/1996AD  Dumbledore is committed.  Harry is sent to Azkaban for a month.  Voldemort plans the fall of Hogwarts.
02/04/1996AD  Sirius made temporary Transfiguration teacher and Head of Gryffindor House.
16/04/1996AD  Fudge visits Harry in Azkaban.  Voldemort sets the date of the Hogwarts attack.
20/04/1996AD  Eustace visits Dumbledore in St. Mungo's.
01/05/1996AD  Harry returns to Hogwarts.  Party in Harry's room.  Order meeting called, Harry chosen as the new leader.  Counter attack planned.
04/05/1996AD  Final Order meeting before the final battle.  Harry gives everyone Dreamless Sleep potion.
05/05/1996AD  Final battle against Voldemort.  Voldemort finally defeated.
06/05/1996AD  Harry wakes up - it told he is dying.  Dumbledore is also dying.
09/05/1996AD  Harry is declared fit and healthy.
13/05/1996AD  Dumbledore's funeral.
17/06/1996AD  Exams start.
01/07/1996AD  Exams end.
14/07/1996AD  Leaving Feast.  The Marauders and friends put on a play.  Harry proposes to Ginny - she agrees.  Harry asks the Weasleys' permission to marry their daughter.
15/07/1996AD  Time travellers graduate from Hogwarts.  Last Order of the Phoenix meeting.  Harry removes Severus' Dark Mark.
31/07/1996AD  Harry's 19th birthday.
01/08/1996AD  Harry gathers delegates to go to the elf world.
02/08/1996AD  Delegation goes to the elf world to conduct peace talks.
27/08/1996AD  Harry visits the Dursleys and invites them to the wedding reception.
31/08/1996AD  NEWT results.  Harry and Ginny's wedding.

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