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Chapter Ten
The Chicken or the Egg?

Glenadade smiled shyly, Dumbledore stared at him in confusion, and Harry fell to the floor in a dead faint.  Surprised, Glenadade waved his hand over the motionless boy, effectively enervating him.  Harry opened his eyes groggily and looked once more at the new arrival, his eyes widening considerably when he remembered what had happened.  After a startled yelp, he hastily sent a very loud mental message to a certain ghost.


~Alright, alright, there's no need to shout.  I'm on my way~


~Why?  What's going on?~

~Just wait and see~

A grumbling Gallatea severed the connection and Harry was once again alone with his thoughts.  He wasn't quite sure what to think.  In front of him stood an older version of the little boy he had seen in the painting which hung above the fireplace in Domus Corvus Corax.  He had said his name was Glenadade Potter, which was impossible unless….

His thoughts were interrupted by Gallatea floating through the floor in front of him.  She had a very annoyed look on her face, and he knew he was in for it as soon as she spoke to him.  She only used Anglo-Saxon nowadays if she was really mad.

“ Harry James Potter, what makes you think you can talk to me like that?  I am not at your beck and call.  You can't just order me around, you know!”

“ Er, `Tea…”

“ No, Harry, let me finish!  Men!  Urgh!  Why did you feel the need to raise your voice?  Hm?  It's not like I wouldn't have heard you, you know!”

“ But `Tea….”

“ Don't you `but `Tea' me!  In future, I expect you to show a little more respect for me…”


“ Why, I…”

“ NO, it's your turn to listen.  I'm sorry I shouted, but if you look behind you, you'll see the reason for the urgency!”

Gallatea sent Harry a poisonous look, and he just glared back at her.  Relenting, she rolled her eyes and turned around, a wide smirk appearing on Harry's face as she did so.  The ghost froze when she spotted a worried looking boy standing behind one of the headmaster's chairs.  She slowly turned her head slightly to one side to speak to her ex-boyfriend.

“ Harry, catch me.”

“ Why?”

“ I'm going to faint.”

“ Ghosts don't faint!”

“ Yes they do!  Now, catch me.”

“ I can't…” he said as the woman crumpled to the floor, gliding through his outstretched hands and coming to rest an inch above the floor.

“ Hem hem.”

Harry and Glenadade looked up startled, but for different reasons.  Harry relaxed a little when his eyes met the twinkling orbs of the headmaster, who had watched the whole affair in amusement.

“ Maybe we should sit down and discuss a few things.  I'm sure we can fill the Lady Ravenclaw in when she wakes up, don't you think?”

Harry nodded readily, but noticed that Glen seemed to be nodding to himself with a look of intense concentration on his face, and Harry realised he was trying to systematically work out what the headmaster had said.  Switching to Anglo-Saxon, he spoke to the other boy for the first time.

“ Glenadade, did you understand that?”

The younger boy looked up at Harry and hesitantly nodded.

“ Good.  How good is your English?”

“ Not very, sir,” he answered.

“ Please don't call me `sir', it makes me feel old.”

“ What shall I call you, then?”

“ Well, I'm Harry Potter, so I suppose you can just call me Harry.”

“ My father was called Harry Potter,” the boy said with a twinkle of pride in his voice.  Harry started violently, now that his thoughts about Glenadade had been confirmed.  

“ You are the son of Harry Potter and Gallatea Ravenclaw?  Grandson of the Lady Rowena Ravenclaw?”

“ Y-yes.  How do you know that?”

“ I'll tell you in a minute.  Glenadade, why are you here?  How did you get here?”

“ I…”

“ Hem hem!”

The pair simultaneously looked up at the headmaster, who was starting to look a little irritated at not knowing what they were saying.

“ Sorry, sir,” they said at the same time, earning them a flash of amusement from the old man.

“ I'm a little confused as to what is going on, so I suggest, Harry, that we discuss the matter of Mister Malfoy while we wait for the Grey Lady to reawaken.”

Harry nodded, and quickly translated for Glenadade, explaining briefly what had happened with Draco.  The younger boy looked rather amused.

“ What would you like to know, Headmaster?” Harry asked wearily.

“ Why did you accept the duel?  It could have been prevented!”

“ No, it couldn't.  It's been along time coming, and he needed to be taught a lesson.  If I had refused, he would have thought me a coward, and I couldn't let that happen.  He challenged, I accepted, he lost.  What more is there to discuss?”

“ The fact that he is no longer on school grounds.”

“ Oh, that.”

“ Yes, that.  Where is he?”

“ I told you!  I sent him to my aunt's house.”

“ Why?”

“ Because he needs to learn some respect for Muggles, and I thought she would be the best person to handle it.”

“ Will he come to any harm?”

“ Of course not.”

“ How long will he be there?  The magic removing spell only works for a day or so, does it not?”

“ Erm…”

“ Harry

“ I modified the spell a little.”

“ Modified it?!  In what way?”

“ Made it more powerful.  The effects are the same, but the length of time before the victim's magic is restored is directly proportional to the amount of power put behind it by the caster.”

“ So, how long will it last?”

“ Well, I was making it for a week, but…”

“ Harry, what did you do?”

“ I didn't do anything!  It's his own fault!”

“ Explain.”

“ He was insulting Ginny.  It made me mad…”

“ And you started glowing.”

“…and my power becomes more potent when I get mad….”

“ Strengthening the spell.”

“…so the spell will last longer than anticipated.”

“ How long?”

“ About two months.”

“ Two months!?”

“ Yes.”

“ Harry, what precisely do you think Lucius Malfoy is going to say when he hears you turned his heir into a Muggle for two months, and not only that, you send him away from school and into the Muggle world when he is completely defenceless.”

“ He can say what he likes.  If he gets too bad, I'll challenge him, too.”

“ Harry!”

“ What?”

The arguing pair was interrupted by a groan coming from the floor.  Gallatea, it seemed, was coming to.

“ What happened?” she asked.

“ Glenadade showed up,” Harry told her.

“ Oh, right.”

“ `Tea, you alright?”

“ Sure, my son of a thousand years ago turns up in the headmaster's office.  No problem.”

Harry went over and knelt next to her, waiting until her head cleared a bit before asking the obvious question.

“ Gallatea, do you know what's going on?”

“ No, I don't.”

Harry stood once more and took his place in one of the chairs in front of the headmaster's desk.  Gallatea floated back to her usual height and moved in front of her son.  The pair looked at each other for a moment while the confused boy tried to work out what was going on.  Eventually, he turned back to Harry for an explanation.

“ Harry, what's going on?” he asked in his own language.  Harry glanced over to Dumbledore and opened a mental connection.  Concentrating hard, he managed to set up a link that allowed the headmaster to use the Boy-Who-Lived's knowledge of Anglo-Saxon to follow the conversation.  Harry knew he couldn't keep it up for too long, but it was the best temporary solution he had.

“ Glenadade…”

“ Call me Glen.”

“ Glen, you need to tell us what happened first.  As far as we know, you just appeared here, and we don't know how.”

Glen settled back into his chair and prepared to tell his story.

“ I had just started my seventh year at Hogwarts.  The Dark Queen Lucifina was attacking the school, trying to take it over.  She has been fighting the remaining founders for years, ever since my father and Lord Gryffindor defeated her mentor and lover, Salazar Slytherin.  She always wanted me, to make me pay for what my father did, and the attack on the school was designed to get rid of me once and for all.  Only, it didn't work.  She got as far as the Entrance Hall, and managed to cast a strange spell on me.  Something I'd never heard of before.  The next thing I know, I'm here.  Wherever here is.  And then you came in, and my…my mother appeared through the floor, and I don't understand what's going on.  I…I just want to go home.”

Tears started to fall down Glen's cheeks as he became more and more distraught.  Harry moved from his seat and knelt in front of the other boy, pulling him gently into his embrace.  Gallatea and Dumbledore watched as father and son clung to each other as if nothing else in the world mattered.  Eventually, the two separated, Harry sitting back down and Glen composing himself.  Once they were settled, Harry turned to the headmaster.

“ Did you follow all of that?” he asked.

“ Yes, I did, thank you Harry.”

“ Good.  I wasn't sure if it would work.  I've never used my mental gift for anything but communicating, locating people and knocking enemies unconscious.”

“ I would suggest you explore your gift, Harry.  You never know what may happen.”

“ True.  Sir, what are we going to do about Glenadade?”

“ I'm not sure, Harry.  Do you believe his story?”

“ Of course.”

“ Harry, what's this about his father helping to defeat Slytherin?”

Harry hung his head.  He never mentioned his son to Dumbledore, as he didn't want the older man to be disappointed in him.  The only ones to know were the ghosts, his friends, and his grandparents and aunt.  Everyone else who knew was dead.

“ I'm his father.”

Dumbledore looked deeply shocked, as did Glen, who understood enough English to pick that up.

“ Y-You're my father?  Th-that's impossible.”

“ Glen, did you ever hear what happened to your father?  Did Lady Ravenclaw ever tell you?”

“ Sh-she said he was a time traveller.  That he and his friends had come from the distant future for a year to study, using a magical amulet.  She told of his love for my mother, and the defeat of Lord Slytherin.  She told me about my mother and her death when I was only small.  Gaerwyn taught me some English, which she said was the language of my father.  Lolide told me stories as well.  I never knew what to think about it, but now I'm starting to believe it.”

“ Glen, I am Harry Potter,” the Boy-Who-Lived told him, “ Three years ago, for me at least, my friends and I travelled to your mother's time, using something called the Amulet of Time.  While I was there, I fell in love with your mother, and you were the result.  She didn't tell me about you until I was leaving, not giving me the option to stay.  If I had known about you, I would have remained in her time with her, and married her.”

“ What happened after that?” Glen asked, fascinated.

“ I went to two more times, a time a great war, when my grandfather was a first year, and the time my father was in school.  Last week, I came back here, to my home time, and now you have turned up here, surprising everybody.”

“ So, you're my father?” Glen asked in awe, “ It's really you?”

“ Yes.”

With a grin, Glenadade launched himself at the surprised seventh year, wrapping his arms tightly around his neck as if his life depended on it.  Harry returned the embrace, a lump appearing in his throat as he held his child in his arms.  He never thought he would get the chance to know his son, the boy he had left behind to be raised by his grandmother.  It was one thing Harry had never been able to forgive himself for.  Leaving his family.  Now, though, it seemed he was being given a second chance.  A chance to get to know Glenadade Potter, the first of the Potter line.  The other end of Ouroboros.  As the pair pulled away, Dumbledore cleared his throat loudly, bringing everyone's attention back to him.

“ I'm sorry to break up this little family reunion, but could someone please tell me how this all came about?”

“ What do you want to know, Sir?” Harry asked.

“ You have a son?”

“ Yes.”

“ And you never told me?”

“ You never asked.”

“ Harry

“ You didn't need to know.  It was my business.”

“ I must admit this explains a few things.  Professor Trelawney's prediction in 1944, for one thing.”

“ Ouroboros.”

“ Exactly.  At the time, you wouldn't explain, but I see it now.  You are Glenadade's father, and he is your ancestor.  A circle.”

“ One child, born of himself,
  Shall end that which others cannot,
  Two shall fall, and two shall perish,
  While one shall stay to defeat again,
  Born to save, of his own flesh,
  Ouroboros created by the fates,
  To end the darkness for eternity.”

“ Exactly.”

The next hour was spent in the headmaster's office, catching various people up on what was happening.  Glenadade was told about Voldemort, and his father's time travelling experiences.  He was also told about the prophecies and the Potter line's fate.  Gallatea had the opportunity to speak with her grown up son that she had never had when she was stuck at the quidditch pitch.  They came to the conclusion that this was why she had never seen him playing quidditch during his seventh year.  Because he was here.  They also concluded that the spell sent at the boy by Lucifina had sent him far into the future, as a punishment for what Harry did to Slytherin.  Instead, it was a blessing.  Eventually, the conversation came down to the obvious.

“ How are we going to send Glen home?” Harry asked.

“ Why do I have to go home?”

“ Because you can't stay here forever.  You have to go back and defeat Lucifina.  It's your destiny.  You have to have a family, which will carry on the Potter name and eventually lead to my birth.  I can't believe I finally get back to my own time, and I still have to struggle not to change the past.”

“ But, I want to stay here with you, Dad.”

Harry's heart warmed when he heard what his son called him.

“ You can't.  You have to go back.”

“ I don't know how.”

“ The only way I can think of is the Amulet of Time.”

“ Harry, he can't use that yet,” Gallatea interrupted.

“ Why not?”

“ Because I didn't see him until ages after his sixth year.  He must have finished his schooling here, before going back, or I would have seen him.  Anyway, if you send him back, Lucifina will just come after him again.  Give him a chance to train.”

Everyone thought over this carefully, and realised that it was the only viable solution.

“ He'll have to stay here, then,” Dumbledore decided, “ Harry, you can take him to Hogsmeade tomorrow to get some supplies, and he can join you in Gryffindor House.  It would be best for the pair of you to stay together, if that is alright with Glenadade.”

Glen, who had followed most of what the headmaster had said, nodded his head.

“ Good, that's settled then.  I'll make the announcement at dinner.  Harry, is there any reason to hide this?”

“ No.  We know that he goes back eventually, so as long as we protect him while he's here, it shouldn't be a problem.  The only thing we'll have to work on is his English.  I'll help him in the evenings.  Until he masters it, I'll help him with a mind link.  You do have your telepathy, right?” he asked his son.

“ Yes, I do.”

“ Good, we can share the strain, and keep the link going longer.”

“ You'd best take your young guest to Gryffindor Tower, Harry.  I'm sure he'll want to get settled.  We'll sort out his timetable in the morning.”

The others nodded and the two boys stood, Harry leading his son out of the room and in the direction of Gryffindor.

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